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Farizon Auto Homtruck

We hope that Tesla will start production of the semi-electric tractor five years after the first presentation. Meanwhile, one of the competitors comes from China to be much better

  • The Chinese company Geely is preparing a new tractor that is better than the Tesla Semi in many ways

  • Farizon Auto Homtruck will be equipped with a modular platform and will be able to use more types of alternative drives

  • In the case of a purely electrical alternative, a rapid exchange of discharged batteries for charged batteries is expected

  • Production must begin within three years. Meanwhile, Tesla has postponed the start of production of half of its tractors until 2022

In 2017, the American presented carmaker tesla electric tractor semi. Immediately there were many people who ordered the car, but the real production had not yet begun. So far, the latest reports expect production to start in 2022 at the earliest, although PepsiCo should receive at least a few of these tractors later this year. Meanwhile, many competitors appeared. The latest one, called Farizon Auto Homtruck, comes from China and according to initial reports, should be much better than the Tesla Semi.

The American electric tractor is based on the traditional battery engine, the very fast charging stations are provided by the very fast Megacharger charging stations. The first of them is currently being built at the Gigafactory in Nevada. However, the Homtruck tractor from the Chinese company Geely will offer a modular platform and will be ready for more types of alternative engines. In addition to pure electricity, it will be possible to have access to a mixed variable methanol that burns methanol and a range-extending electric generator should also be available.

Converting Tesla Semi into a mobile home is an interesting vision that you will be waiting for for a long time

In the case of the battery version, the manufacturer relies on a simple battery replacement system. In practice, it will not be necessary to recharge the battery for a long time, but the discharged cells will be replaced with charged ones within a few minutes. Such a concept has been talked about for decades. For example, Nissan experimented with a similar car in the late 1940s. However, for normal use, this system would require significant standardization across all automakers, which is very unrealistic. However, in operating a particular fleet of these tractors, it may make sense. More technical details are not available yet.

Home truck will sell jelly Under the Farizon Auto brand, it also promises other modern systems. Standard equipment will be a system of radars and lidar, 5G connectivity and the ability to communicate with surrounding cars. The home truck must use Level 4 independent steering, so that it can drive completely without driver assistance.

Since the tractors will communicate with each other, these cars are also expected to form convoys on long roads. The futuristic Chinese tractor also promises first-class comfort on board. Inside, in addition to the bed, there will be a shower and a toilet or a small built-in washing machine.

According to current plans, Farizon Auto Homtruck should start production in 2024, and the first parts should be delivered to customers in the same year. We’ll see if this project won’t follow the Tesla Semi, which customers will see in the nearest five years after the premiere. Some sources speak Regarding the US electric tractor until 2023.

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