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We left them rioting… I will not go to jail because of the song “Batir”.

The poet Ahmed Madi said that he adopted a new strategy in the year 2022, and he will appear in the image of a peaceful person, leaving the other side free to riot and provoke without initiating any hostile reaction.

He added, “We were walking on the straight path and let them riot, so the result came in our favor 3-0. Let us highlight the positive and joyful things.”

The Lebanese poet denied, in an interview with the “Fuchsia” website, what was circulated about the possibility of being held accountable and imprisoned because of his problem with the artist Elisa about the song “Batir”, commenting by saying: “Take me sweetness, there is nothing in the matter.”

He hoped that major companies would take the initiative to support the new talents present on the scene, stressing that he is one of the poets who prefer to deal with these categories of artists rather than stars.

He called on talent programs to stand by the novice artists, commenting: “It is not necessary for these programs to be satisfied with releasing one song for their graduates and leaving their fate to the unknown. Great support should be given to them.”

Ahmed Madi emphasized the strong friendship between him and the artist Ziad Burji, noting that they are never different because they are very similar.

Meanwhile, Ahmed Madi had expressed, in a previous interview with “Fuchsia”, his sadness after he and the artist, Sherine Abdel Wahhab, signed a pledge not to visit the artist, Fadl Shaker, at his home in Ain El-Hilweh camp.

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He also confirmed that the hotel in which Sherine and her husband, the artist Hossam Habib, was staying was not raided, but rather they were summoned for interrogation on the basis of their visit to Fadl Shaker’s house.