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«ناسا»: نتشارك مع شركات أمريكية لإنشاء وجهات فضائية يمكن العيش بها

We partner with American companies to create livable space destinations

The US space agency “NASA” has commissioned three American companies to design designs for new commercial space stations.

On Thursday, NASA announced that among those companies, “Blue Origin”, owned by Amazon founder “Jeff Bezos”, will receive $130 million, Texas-based Nanorax Inc., which will receive $160 million, and Virginia-based Northrop Grumman will receive $125.6 million.

NASA said it seeks to move from the International Space Station to other platforms and thus maintain “an uninterrupted American presence in low Earth orbit.”

“With commercial companies now providing transportation to low Earth orbit, we are partnering with American companies to create space destinations that people can visit, live and work in, allowing NASA to continue paving a path in space for the benefit of humanity, while promoting commercial activity in space.

And “Blue Origin” announced several weeks ago that it was working to establish its own space station, called “Orbital Reef”, or “Orbital Reef”, with other partners, including Boeing.

It is noteworthy that the International Space Station is the largest and its operating period is the longest to date, which is operated by NASA and partner agencies from around the world.

Since 2000, astronauts from different countries have visited the station

No final decision has been made on when to terminate the operation of the International Space Station.

The station, which was built 23 years ago, has recently suffered from problems, such as fires and concerns about air leaks.

Talks are currently underway to extend the operational life of the plant beyond 2024 .