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Extraligový rozhodčí z Českých Budějovic Daniel Pražák.

“We perceive insults,” says Daniel Prachak, an outside judge, but it doesn’t affect us

You are the name hockey holder. The cool character of this sport in České Budějovice Karel Pražák is your relative?
it’s not. It’s just a match in names.

Did you play hockey yourself?
Yeah. I was a teenager in Motor where I finished my junior high, and I went to DDM. I also started whistling there. The judge was a brother and a friend, so I tried that too. That was 2004.

Maybe everyone prefers to play the whistle. Did you regret quitting your active hockey game so quickly?
Marzello. But my hockey career wasn’t all about taking it to the next level. Hockey just became fun for me, and whistling was an extra income for high school. Perhaps this was the main reason to start serving as a referee.

Does the referee need to have a player history to be able to blow a good whistle?
It is definitely better. There are a few umpires who have never played hockey, while others have played it at a high level. But if someone has played before, they definitely have bonus points. He can better fit the game and sympathize with the role of the players.

When you are no longer playing alone, are you not more attracted to coaching than to the role of referee?
It was a lot because I was getting old, because I started whistling at the age of fifteen. At that age, I definitely hadn’t thought about training. Much was due to the fact that the brother was a judge. Thanks to him I reached it. Maybe I won’t train in the future, but I will enjoy working as an administrator. I chose the referee option at a time when my hockey career was coming to an end. Then she played the regional youth and men’s tournament.

I started leading matches from the younger classes. How many years did it take to join the Bonus League?
I started 2004 and I’m finishing the fifth season in the extra league this year. It took me twelve years. Now the former Extra League players are starting to whistle, who will be there in three years. But when it starts with the youngest, it is at least ten years old.

Was any of your vision to become a judge, or rather the possibility of obtaining additional income as I mentioned?
At first, it was just an extra income, and nothing else crossed my mind. I wanted some pocket money so I wouldn’t have to rely on my parents only in high school. Over time, I participated in higher competitions and started dreaming about moving to the extra league.

You are a professional judge. How many of you are in the Czech Republic as a whole?
There are nine of us this year. There were seven of us last year and two other boys who played in the extra league.

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Is the profession of hockey referee demanding and can you earn a decent living with it?
It is mainly related to the claim to travel. We are winning well. But on the other hand, you never know when it will stop beeping. We have a one or two year contract, and it may or may not be renewed. Otherwise, I have studied law and in the future I can work as a trained notary.

Do you realize how ungrateful the referee’s position is? The players and coaches sing, but the referees rarely …
Unfortunately, this is the case. We defend ourselves by going to both teams there in a way that spoils the spectators so that the spectators have someone to shout about when they are not shouting at their opponents. (a smile). But I’m used to the way viewers take us. I would say the entire company does. Just like unpopular police officers, we are almost the same. I was stopped at the border of the district once in a state of emergency, and when I told them I was the referee and that I was going to the match, they just laughed because we were just as popular as them. I will compare him in the Czech Republic to the role of a policeman … (a smile).

When the hall is full, do you hear and see a particular oath riot?
We are aware of. When the hall is full and the individual shouts something, he can be heard more and he will stand out. If something is screaming in the entire hall, you can definitely hear it. But we don’t take it anymore. We are used to that.

Doesn’t it really work with you, even if you’ve heard of coarse grain obscenity?
In the years I’ve been whistling, I really get used to it. His head waned towards her. I only focus on my performance on the ice. Of course, the crowd voices are there, but they don’t affect me in any way.

Do you feel the respect of the players and coaches?
Certainly. It is evolving. When I came to the extra league five years ago, I was new and nobody knew me. Gradually, each referee builds respect through the length of time and especially how it whistles. When I’m there for five years and whistle badly, I never build respect.

Is it good to communicate with players during the match?
It depends on the situation. We try to restrict communication, because sometimes it is long, and the match prolongs it and brings emotions from the other team. Other times, on the other hand, communication is beneficial, but it should have a standard of when and at what time to speak to the player, or after that, the coach. But it is definitely not like we are communicating every time we interrupt the game. It won’t even work. Then the match will not last two hours, but rather three hours. It would not be in the best interest of the matter.

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Do you deal with players?
We talk to the players. Sometimes the little guys just shout at us. But this is somewhat funny. On the contrary, with most of the coaches I don’t know, I’m thinking about it.

Is hanging out with players the norm? Shouldn’t we blame each other rather?
I do not know. In our country, it is normal for the players to match the referees. With training, yelling reigns supreme in most boys. But if they were former players and still knew each other from the ice, then naturally they would just keep twitching.

If you meet former car coach Vaclav Prospal, are you worried about the match?
I’m talking to Finca, because we know each other outside of hockey.

What do you say to the microphones and cameras on the helmets of rulers? For fans, it is undoubtedly a leak, for you, on the contrary, more complicated?
People definitely love her, we don’t love her that much anymore. Specifically, the camera on the helmet is pretty heavy. Few can imagine that. It’s a pound and a half. He moves very badly with her. We don’t even know if the helmet camera shot is on. We are used to the microphones in TV matches. Sometimes you can’t say that to a player the way we normally would. Of course, sometimes they bark at us and also say something about it, but we try to keep it at a certain level. What we’re dealing with players might be enjoying the crowd. It’s cool for the fans, it’s a bit restrictive for us, but we’re used to it.

Have you had a major conflict with anyone outside?
No bigger struggle. Emotions tend to be there, and sometimes players overdo it, but I’ve been getting along well with everyone in the years we’ve known each other.

Have you ever had a bad game that didn’t really work out for you?
Each referee will whistle for bad matches. But it can’t be that the three I’m doing in a bad week. However, it will happen that some matches will not be successful in the season. At the start of the match, you miss something and then it goes. He will stay there throughout the match. There have definitely been a few games like this on my part.

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Have you been nominated as a judge in esk Budjovice for Auto Duels, or is this factor taken into account when publishing?
I don’t know if this is taken into account, because posting to matches is done by a computer system. Specifically, Motor whispered three times at home this year. In the main part of the competition, it might not be as risky as it was in the qualifiers. If the Budejovice were in elimination fights, I would definitely not lead them.

How many matches will you make per season?
Professional referees are distributed in each round of the External League. In addition, some finishes and openings. This year I played 51 matches in the main segment.

Did you also participate in the Premier League or Junior Junior League when it was played?
As a professional, we only blow the whistle in the Junior Extra League. In Chance League, there are three matches in the main segment. Sometimes they nominate us for some important matches with their younger teammates.

This year, the entire season was held without spectators attending, and many players and coaches praised the referees’ performance as a result. Do you feel the same way that you are not under pressure from the crowd?
I wouldn’t say that at all. I don’t think it would have such an effect on us if we whistled, for example, in Budejovice or in Pilsen, where the crowd can be heard a lot. Most importantly, the players took less and the fights in the main part were less. That’s why maybe they praised her, and it was easier for us at that point. In the qualifiers, you can see that there are many more and that players go to each other at a higher level than the basic level.

What has been the pinnacle of your judging career so far?
I whistled for the finals of the world championships in my 20s and 18 years old. As well as the European hockey tour match in Saint Petersburg on the football stadium, which was watched by nearly seventy thousand spectators. But most of all, it was likely the final of the U-20 World Cup.

Do you have a dream where do you want to go as a judge?
I would like to take gradual steps. I might have missed the World Senior Championships in Riga this year because I was in a broader nomination, and now I know I just didn’t make it. The dream is to reach the World Cup in 1-2 years.