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ننشر ملامح الحركة الدبلوماسية 2022.. بسام راضى لروما وحافظ لكندا

We publish the features of the diplomatic movement 2022.. Bassam Rady for Rome and Hafez for Canada

Informed sources told “The Seventh Day” that the new diplomatic movement of Egypt’s ambassadors and consuls abroad will be issued within hours.

The sources confirmed that the diplomatic movement included the appointment of Ambassador Bassam Rady as Egypt’s ambassador to Rome, Ahmed Hafez, Egypt’s ambassador to Canada, Omar Amer, Egypt’s ambassador to Athens, Ambassador Mohamed Tharwat, Egypt’s ambassador to Ireland, Mahmoud Afifi, Egypt’s ambassador to the Czech Republic, Ambassador Hani Salah, Ambassador of Egypt to Khartoum, Ambassador Wael Attia, Ambassador of Egypt to Kenya, Ambassador Serenad Jamil, Ambassador of Egypt to Armenia, Ambassador Assem Hanafi, Ambassador of Egypt to Beijing, Ambassador Sherif Issa, Ambassador of Egypt to Abu Dhabi, and Ambassador Suha El Gendy, Ambassador of Egypt to Slovakia.

The sources indicated that the diplomatic movement included the appointment of Ambassador Ayman Abdel Aziz as Egypt’s ambassador to Croatia, Karim Amin as Egypt’s ambassador to Venezuela, Salwa Muwafi as Egypt’s ambassador to Zimbabwe, Khaled Aref as Egypt’s ambassador to Senegal and a non-resident ambassador to Gambia and Cape Verde, Ambassador Sherif Refaat, Ambassador of Egypt to Sierra Leone, Ambassador Tamer Mamdouh, Ambassador of Egypt to Ecuador, Ambassador Rabab Abdel Hadi, Ambassador of Egypt to Madagascar.

The movement included the appointment of Ambassador Amin Hassan, Consul of Egypt to Montreal, Ambassador Mohamed Abu al-Khair, Consul of Egypt to London, Ambassador Mohamed Tawfiq, Consul of Egypt to Paris, Ambassador Mohamed Khalil, Consul of Egypt to Sydney, and Ambassador Baher Al-Shuwaikh, Consul of Egypt to Hong Kong.

The sources revealed that the Egyptian ambassador to Riyadh, Ahmed Farouk, and Khaled Azmy, the Egyptian ambassador to Tel Aviv, had been extended for one year.

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