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We publish (the results of the elections of the Marsa Alam Association)

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The tourism expert, Hamada Abou El-Enein, won the position of Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Tourism Investors Association in Marsa Alam during the session 2023-2027. consensus among board members.

The Board of Directors session also witnessed the selection of Ali Abdel Rahman as Secretary-General and Tamer Azmy as Treasurer.

It is noteworthy that the current Board of Directors has amended the number of its seats from 9 members to 15 members in accordance with the Civil Associations Law.
1. Dr. Hamada Muhammad Kamal El-Din Abu El-Enein
2. Ramy Fayez Ibrahim Hanna
3. Ali Abdul Rahman Ali Abdul Rahman
4. Tamer Azmy Youssef Morcos
5. Dr. Atef Sayed Abdul Latif Al Moshi
6. Eman Refaat Muhammad Abu El-Ela
7. George Gabriel Boulos Gabriel
8. Osama Mohamed Abdel Moneim Hassan El-Ashmawy
9. Ahmed Khaled Mohamed Abu Al-Maati Ahmed
10. Majdi Najah Thomas Soyal
11. Akram Ahmed Kamal Mustafa Mansour
12. Mahmoud Safwat Fouad Mahmoud
13. Awad Awad Mahmoud Dergham
14. Bushra Ishaq Farag Ghaly
15. Hany Aziz Azar Moawad

The meeting of the Board of Directors was preceded by a series of coordination discussions and consultations between the candidates to select the office body in a smooth and objective way, and to seek to bridge the points of view between them and agree on the full formation of the office body, in confirmation of the voluntary teamwork, the unity of the class, and the need for the cohesion of the Board of Directors on the heart of a man One, rejecting any differences or conflicts, and the formation of the council was agreed upon.

Everyone pledged to work together in one system in order to achieve the objectives of the association, and the members of the General Assembly to complete the march and seek to overcome obstacles in front of tourism projects in the region and the challenges facing tourism in general and the Marsa Alam region in particular, which require cooperation, solidarity and solidarity in order to develop Marsa Alam strongly. On the world tourism map, with its diverse and different tourism potentials that meet all the requirements of tourism activities and patterns.

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