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We regret depriving Iranians of a free and fair electoral process

We regret depriving Iranians of a free and fair electoral process

On Saturday, the United States expressed regret that Iranians were unable to participate in a “free and fair electoral process” in the presidential elections in Iran.

In the first comment issued by Washington regarding the victory of hard-line conservative Ebrahim Raisi in the Iranian presidential elections, a foreign ministry spokesman said, “The Iranians have been deprived of their right to choose their leaders in a free and fair electoral process.”

The spokesman added that the United States will continue negotiations on the Iranian nuclear program and work alongside its allies and partners in this regard.

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This comes as Iranian opposition sources confirmed that the turnout in the country’s presidential elections on Friday was very low (10%), while the Iranian Ministry of Interior claimed the opposite.

Today, Saturday, Iranian Interior Minister Abdolreza Rahmani Fazli announced that the candidate, Ibrahim Raisi, won the elections, with 17.8 million votes, which constitutes 61.95% of the electorate.

The Minister of Interior added that 28.9 million people voted in the elections, or 48.8% of Iranians who are eligible to vote.

Rahmani Fazli reminded that the Guardian Council set a 10-day deadline for receiving appeals with the results.

The voter turnout did not exceed 10%.

For its part, the secretariat of the “National Council of Resistance of Iran” said that the voter turnout did not exceed 10%, based on “reports of more than 1,200 journalists and correspondents for Semay Azadi channel from 400 cities in Iran, and more than 3,500 video clips available for submission to international references and public opinion.” “.

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Maryam Rajavi, head of the “Iranian Resistance”, described the people’s boycott of the elections as “the biggest political and social blow against (Guide Ali) Khamenei and religious tyranny, and it deserves historic congratulations to the people.”

She added, “The world saw this, and it proved once again that Iran’s vote is in favor of overthrowing the mullahs’ regime. The system of velayat-e faqih is declining and must be swept away.”

She added: “The religious dictatorship will emerge from these elections scandalous, weak and more fragile, and it will finally fall with the uprising of the people and the freedom army.”

Rajavi also considered that “the international community has no justification to deal with an Iranian president accused of crimes against humanity,” adding: “The international community should bring Ibrahim Raisi to justice in an international court.”