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We see a harmful mixture between the science of religion and religiosity... and the difference between them is not recognized

We see a harmful mixture between the science of religion and religiosity… and the difference between them is not recognized

Dr. Ali Gomaa, Head of the Religious Committee in the House of Representatives, and the former Mufti of the Republic, said that one of the most vile and destructive tongues seen in our days is saying about God without knowledge, and this is represented in speaking about religion and its rulings by mere opinion without knowledge of its knowledge, and accordingly we see non-specialists pushing themselves to issue fatwas. In the religion of God without knowledge.

The former Mufti added, that one of the common phrases in the fatwa books is their saying: Take his fatwa and do not pay attention to his piety, and it is a great rule that alerts the difference between the science of religion and practical religiosity, and that the science of religion is a science like all other sciences, it has principles, rules, terminology, curricula, books, arrangement, schools and foundations and date.

The head of the religious committee in the House of Representatives, explained that he also needs the pillars of the educational process, which are only known to him, namely: the student, the professor, the book, the curriculum, and the scientific atmosphere.

The path of learning has different degrees

Jumaa indicated that the path of learning has different degrees, such as degrees of general education, then university education, and then postgraduate studies with its different degrees. To a research in a refereed journal, to a research for discussion, or as a focus in a conference of the scientific community, in which the owner is informed of the results.

He emphasized that the matter of the scientific community will always be different, according to the divine grants, the enduring gifts, and the talents that God bestows on each person who is distinguished by them over others, and the matter of general specialization will remain observant and exact specialization is required, and there will still be a difference between those who succeed in acquiring lessons and do not succeed in life. And whoever succeeds in it and who has reached the rank of argument and reference, and does not deal well with life or deal with it well, as Shawqi said at the end of the poem “My Book”:

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Dr. Ali Gomaa, Chairman of the Religious Committee of the House of Representatives

And you will continue: We see all these meanings in every field, and perhaps the closest field to which what applies to the science of religion is applied is the field of medicine, and the science of medicine. This is different from the right of people to take care of their health and to prevent and treat diseases, and the principles of a healthy healthy life that every person desires, rather it is from his right, just as the science of religion differs from religiosity, which is necessary for every human being, and every one of the people needs it. individual, group and nation level.

The difference between the science of religion and religiosity

And Juma’a added: Despite the clear difference between the science of religion and religiosity, or the science of medicine and observance of public health, this difference is not recognized in most of our culture, and we see a harmful mixture with images spread in all sectors, from which only those who have mercy on God have escaped – and they are few in our culture. The prevailing – and I hope that God will open insights into this claim to review the positions of many of our scholars and thinkers regarding their position on this axiom.

The Head of the Religious Committee of the House of Representatives continued: We see what confirms that there is no recognition of the difference between the science of religion and religiosity, including that the professor of science, agriculture, journalism, engineering or medicine has started to speak about jurisprudence, and discuss the fatwa issued by those who specialized and spent his life in sources and understanding The reality is that this is only because he is a religious educated person, or because he does not know, or he is not convinced of the difference between the science of religion and religiosity, and he sees that the matter is permissible and available to everyone.

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We see a lack of understanding of the meaning of the fatwa

The former Grand Mufti of the Republic noted that we see a lack of understanding of the meaning of the fatwa; Where it is confused with the question or opinion, which is the luck of the question the answer, and the luck of the opinion expressed and then discussed, the fatwa is like the judge’s ruling, the judge does not follow it after its issuance and is not subject to discussion, but it is subject to appeal to a higher court or to cassation or conclusion at a larger court, and accordingly Dissatisfaction with the fatwa requires a fatwa from a higher authority, and does not require an objection from here or there, and dissatisfaction with the doctor’s order does not mean neglecting the matter, but rather requires consulting from those who are more than a reference, knowledge or experience, and no one has the right to discuss the doctor in his opinion It is sufficient to refuse medicine and sit without treatment.

A Muslim must guard his tongue

Juma concluded by saying: Many people are frightened if we alert them to this example and take the initiative to reject it, claiming that this is a stone to the opinion or its freedom, and the matter is not related to opinion or freedom as much as it is related to a method of straight thought, and it must be followed instead of this ridiculous farce, by knowing Everyone has what he does not know, so the Muslim, in order to be saved in peace from the calamities of this world and the Hereafter, must guard his tongue, and keep him from falsehood and forbidden and speaking about God without knowledge.

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