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We seek a safe exit for Ethiopia

Amid escalating tensions between the two countries, Sudanese Prime Minister Abdullah Hamdok announced on Sunday that his country will continue its efforts to ensure stability in neighboring Ethiopia, which is witnessing a bloody conflict in Tigray region.

Hamdok said during a press conference in Khartoum: “We will continue to make efforts to make Ethiopia stable, united and secure, and we will not allow its collapse,” adding: “Therefore, we are seeking with all parties to search for a safe exit for Ethiopia, and we will not stop,” according to AFP.

call the ambassador

It is noteworthy that Sudan had earlier summoned its ambassador to Ethiopia, according to what the Sudanese Foreign Ministry announced, after Addis Ababa rejected Khartoum’s efforts to mediate for a ceasefire in Tigray Province Ethiopian.

Addis Ababa also pointed out that its confidence in some Sudanese leaders has been “eroded”, accusing the Sudanese army of “incursion” into its borders.

Displaced people from the Tigray region (Reuters archive)

It is noteworthy that the conflict in the Ethiopian Tigray region has continued since last November, after Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed launched a military operation against the Tigray People’s Liberation Front rebels. Because of the fighting, tens of thousands of Ethiopians have fled to Sudan.

Al-Fashqa and the Renaissance Dam

In addition, the relationship between Khartoum and Addis Ababa was affected by the dispute over the fertile agricultural area of ​​Al-Fashqa, in which Ethiopian farmers work, and Sudan asserts that it belongs to it.

A spokeswoman for the Ethiopian Prime Minister, Blein Seyoum, said that “there are matters that must be resolved before Sudan is considered a reliable party to facilitate such negotiations.”

Ethiopian children fleeing the fighting in Tigray in Al-Fashqa refugee camp (archive)

Ethiopian children fleeing the fighting in Tigray in Al-Fashqa refugee camp (archive)

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The two countries have also been at odds since 2011 over the Renaissance Dam that Ethiopia is building on the Blue Nile, a tributary of the Nile. Egypt and Sudan fear that the dam will affect their water supply.