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We seek to invest in attractive projects in Saudi Arabia

Nicholas Lyons: The scale of the projects in Riyadh is much bigger than what we saw in London

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The Mayor of the City of London, Nicholas Lyons, said the financial district has “fantastic” relationships with Gulf countries, particularly Saudi Arabia, which has always focused on financial and related professional services, including legal services such as compliance, risk management and technology, as well as banking sector services and managing assets. .

In an interview with Al-Arabiya today, Wednesday, Lyons continued: “The United Kingdom has a lot of experience in building capabilities in these services, and financial technology is a broad field, and green and sustainable finance is another field. It’s closely related to Saudi Arabia because it’s moving from a carbon economy to a completely transition period. ” Capacity building related to renewable technology and financial services.

“So I think we can talk a lot about the possibility of investing in attractive projects in Saudi Arabia and the possibility of helping asset management from London for wealth funds in Saudi,” Mayer said. of the city.

“Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 is an exciting and exciting project,” Lyons said, “and there are many ways to achieve cooperation, with the financial district having strong infrastructure funds, in addition to its long experience in green and sustainable financing.” In addition to the sector, circular economy.

The mayor of the financial district noted a meeting he described as “useful” with the Royal Commission for the City of Riyadh to learn about unusual plans for the Saudi capital.

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Nicholas Lyons expressed his “surprise” at the scale and common denominators of the projects between the cities of Riyadh and London: “When we talk about the scale of these projects for the city of Riyadh, they are bigger than any projects we have seen in the city of London, but there are many problems with planning and implementation. are closely considered.”

He continued, “So, we have common factors on points of interest for both sides that we will discuss at the table and benefit the kingdom, but there is a lot that we can learn from what is happening here in Saudi Arabia.”