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We slept on the floor and ate one meal a day and were treated like "sadism".

We slept on the floor and ate one meal a day and were treated like “sadism”.

A number of nurses in Egypt launched several hashtags accusing the artist, Menna Shalaby, of racism and mistreatment of them, after the well-known artist accused two nurses of medical neglect of her mother.

The artist, Menna Shalaby, wrote a report against two nurses who accused them of neglecting the care of her mother, artist Zizi Mustafa, and that they caused her burns.

The nurses demanded the intervention of the Nursing Syndicate to save their colleagues, amid various testimonies about the treatment of Menna Shalaby and her mother.

And one of the nurses revealed in a Facebook post that she had worked earlier in the house of Menna’s mother, the artist Zizi Mustafa, and she took care of her health and was subjected to such violations.

And she added, “I am not able to believe the amount of injustice that the nursing category is subjected to. Imagine that you will leave your family and your home and his children, and suddenly you land in a security office and then go to the prosecution because you are overpowered. This is my tongue and I worked with Menna Shalaby .. and I know her sadistic way.” And what you do with nursing, and in the other just because of an unintended sting from a thermal water bottle, she is the one who asked to put her mother in custody, lock up two girls and make them in a security office as if they were thieves or stole them, and more than one person tries to communicate with the artist because the issue is simple and unintentional, but no prosecution, but After she finished insulting, insulting, verbalizing and slandering, as what always happens in her home, she is friendly to the oath, and currently the prosecution is investigating them.”

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And she added, “I was working with her for more than 3 months, and I saw bad treatment and insults from her in abusive words, and we slept on the floor. There was no bed for us. This is other than bad food, which was one meal all day.”

The nurse described the first meeting between her and the artist, confirming, “The first meeting was when she spoke that her mother was the most important need in her life, and she did not want anything from me, but that her mother remained good, and I told her, this is your mother’s right over us, but when she traveled El Gouna, the treatment was different and I discovered that she was nursing a nurse on the ground. , The one who brought me myself a skin disease because of it, and the food that can reach one meal per day, and when we complained, her response was that you are not coming to realize your dreams here with me.”

Another wrote, “Frankly, I also saw her very difficult, and it was also a stupid topic, and I neglected the nursing because of a cannula because her mother’s hands turned a little red in place and cursed the hospital and walked.”

The two nurses were released under the guarantee of the place of residence, and the investigations of the mabahith are now underway into the reality of neglect, according to what was stated in the report submitted by Menna Shalabi, who included medical negligence that resulted in damage to her mother, causing contamination of the wound and bad complications.

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A medical source also revealed that the two nurses who were accused by the artist Mina Shalaby of medical negligence during her mother’s care work in a private company that provides medical care based in Cairo, not in El Gouna.

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