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We succeeded in our race against time

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His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, may God protect him, affirmed that the achievements of the UAE have always been coupled with a relentless race against time to achieve them to the fullest, noting that the UAE has proven its success in this. The race, despite the fact that this race is in its infancy, stressing at the same time that “these achievements we have made place additional burdens on us, new responsibilities and enormous tasks.”

His Highness said, through the hashtag “Leadership Flashes”, on his account on “Instagram”: “We were in a race against time and succeeded in this race… and as I have always said… the race is still in its infancy, and these achievements we have achieved impose additional burdens on us, new responsibilities and tasks.” serious.”

His Highness added: “Building the human being and educating him is always going on.. We have graduated, accomplished and succeeded, and we are still learning, and we are working for the people of the UAE.”

Himma does not know apathy

With these confident and sincere words, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid monitors the march of the pioneering qualitative achievements made by the UAE in its race against time to prove its global presence, and despite the short life of the UAE in the standards of the ages of developed countries, the sincerity of its wise leadership and the determination of its loyal sons nominated it to occupy the highest ranks. in global competitiveness measures.

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These achievements that were achieved in the UAE race against time, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid sees as a prelude to other continuous achievements with the efforts of the people of the Emirates. His Highness said in a previous post: “There is no ceiling for our ambitions, and nothing will stop our accelerated march towards the future,” and “the ambitions of the UAE are much greater than what has been achieved so far.”

Science is the key to renaissance

In his flash of leadership, His Highness turns to the axis of development and the pillar of renaissance in the country, which is the “son of the Emirates”, calling on him to continue the educational process without stopping; Knowledge is the key to renaissance, the beacon of progress, and a guide to more giving, and the building of man is not complete without the consolidation of the principle of continuing to seek knowledge, and His Highness sets an example himself, saying: “We graduated, we accomplished, we succeeded, and we are still learning.”

His Highness emphasized this principle in a previous flash of leadership when His Highness said: “Knowledge does not stop, which we see new today becomes old after a while.. Knowledge continues and does not stop, until today we learn. backwards.”

The people of the Emirates remain the constant concern of His Highness, as the work continues to achieve their prosperity and the continuous improvement of the quality of life that befits them, and His Highness launches it with the confidence of the leader who is keen on his children, saying: “We work for the people of the Emirates,” and he says in a previous place: “Work does not stop in the Emirates to remain The role model is in caring for people.”

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