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We taught you a way to transfer data from iPhone to Android

We brought you the method of transferring data from iPhone to Android, after Google launched the Switch to Android application for users who want to transfer from iPhone to Android phones and find it very difficult to transfer their data.

How to transfer data from iPhone to Android

According to ZDNet, the Switch to Android app guides users on how to turn off Apple’s iMessage app to receive text messages on their new phones and have them connect to iCloud to transfer their photo and video gallery to Android, and it will also make switching between phone platforms easier to transfer data, photos and videos. .

Transfer data from iPhone to Android

Through a number of simple steps, you can transfer your data from your iPhone to Android through the Google Switch to Android application, by following the following:

1- Connect your iPhone to your new Android phone

2- Turn on your Android phone and connect it to the Wi-Fi network, and you will be asked how you want to copy data from your old phone, tap “Next” followed by “Next” again on the screen called “Use your old device”.

3- To complete the transfer, you have two options: connect your iPhone directly to your Android phone using a USB-C to Lightning cable, or transfer wirelessly, and using a wired connection will be faster.

4-And if you need to transfer wirelessly, click the text No cable? Followed by Using your iPhone on the next screen, Agree to the location access request on your Android phone, and then sign in to your Google Account when prompted.

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5- After adding your Google account, your Android phone will display a QR code that you will need to use the Switch to Android app on your iPhone for scanning.

6- Open the Switch to Android app on your iPhone, accept the terms and conditions, then go to the next screen, where you will see the viewfinder to scan QR on your Android phone.

We taught you a way to transfer data from iPhone to Android

7. Accept the requests on your iPhone to allow the two phones to connect, and you’ll be asked to give the Switch app to your Android phone access to your personal information like photos, contacts, and calendars. You can select OK or OK for contacts and calendar, but for photos, make sure to allow access to all photos.

8- Once all access requests are approved, your iPhone will prepare itself for the transfer process, but before you start transferring your data on the screen called “Step 2 of 4”, you can turn any information category on or off, as well as select the specific photos and videos that you want to transfer, then click Continue.

9- Leave the Switch to Android app open on your iPhone, and it will collect and transfer your data, then on your Android phone you can follow the setup prompts, which include agreeing to permissions, and setting a PIN to secure your phone.

10- After the transfer process is completed, which may take some time depending on the amount of data you transfer, you will be reminded to turn off iMessage on your iPhone.

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finalize-the-transfer.jpg With Simple Steps Transfer all your data at once from iPhone to Android

11- Another option, which is optional, is to ask Apple to transfer your photos and videos to Google Photos, where you can log into your Apple ID account and ask your iPhone to transfer your photos and videos for you, but it only supports Google Photos.

12-Your iPhone will tell you that the transfer is complete, and you will see a similar message on your Android phone showing you that the transfer is complete, then tap Done, then follow the rest of the prompts on your new Android phone.

13-After making sure that all your data has already transferred to your Android phone, make sure to reset it properly before giving it to someone else, selling it or trading it.

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