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We want the title - ČT sport - Czech TV

We want the title – ČT sport – Czech TV

Brňák enjoyed the second pre-season tests at home and after the initial test in Spain he was already looking forward to the Speedway.

“I’m glad I got the ride again after two months. It was great, the weather was fine, we tested a lot of things, especially the electronics and the tires. The progress was remarkable,” the satisfied rider explained, adding that the rainy weather avoided them. “Only a few drops fell on Wednesday, so those were actually ideal conditions for summer,” he said.

The Brno circuit lost the Grand Prix of the Czech Republic, mainly due to its rooftop, which was part of the MotoGP World Championships, but the machines Hanika rides on endurance races don’t matter much.

“It is not as familiar as in MotoGP, as they have a stiffer frame and the whole structure. It feels more present. And the asphalt, which has been in Brno thirteen years ago, clearly does not have such a grip, the fist explains the man who belongs to the top Domestic motorsport, “But for superbikes, for example, it’s definitely a sufficient surface,” he adds.

This year, the Endurance Series lost only four races to a pandemic and starts a month later in Le Mans, France. “Some races have been canceled, so there are only a lot of them,” he says, adding that work is underway for the race elsewhere.

His team has a clear pre-season goal – the title. “We definitely want to fight for the title, we have a balanced team. But endurance depends on a lot of things and the fact that there are only four races, so we cannot afford to make mistakes. The competitors are also very strong.”

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In an endurance chain, races last for eight, twelve to 24 hours, and three pilots take turns on one motorcycle, usually after about an hour, when they need to refuel. “Since you are riding one motorcycle, it is technically demanding and it is important to take into account the consumption and wear of all components,” Hanika explains the characteristics of plants in which some components cannot be changed, and therefore it is necessary to drive a lot. “You have to go fast, but it is reasonable,” he adds, smiling.

Speed ​​definitely doesn’t stay in the background, so in Brno, now set similar times as a supercyclist captain. “It was very close, even though we had twenty horses less powerful, mainly because of consumption, so it’s a very interesting result,” explains the participant in the world’s third largest motorcycle championship after MotoGP and Superbikes.

“Even though I have the impression that the popularity of superbikes has decreased a bit in recent years, they are growing with stamina. I think they have a great future,” says the 25-year-old.

And what’s the point of endurance races when they’re not running Covid and unrestricted attendance? “For example, Le Mans 24 hours or Japanese Suzuka 8 hours, these are the two most famous endurance races and a hundred and fifty thousand people will come to the hall. The atmosphere there is unreal,” he explains the truth about endurance. Events.

And what are the conditions for competitors who often need strong sponsors in motorsport? “Here too, slow riders have to bring the sponsors’ money with them,” Hanika describes the situation. “Fortunately, the fastest who go to the best teams have the opposite,” he adds, adding that it is in his favor because he is a member of the factory team. “I’m one of the fastest players in the tournament, so I’m fine.”

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He has not completely eliminated his head yet on the possibility of returning to the well-known tournaments in the country, but he is already taking it. “I’d definitely like to ride superbikes, but it’s exactly about the money there, so the only way is for the factory team, but fortunately a little bit. The nationality of the pilot also plays a big role, because the factories sell motorcycles and that is in the first place.”