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We want to take back our country

30/04/2022 16:21:00

We want to take back our country

Comment on your Facebook profile on the EU’s growing influence on country operations

European Union dictate and tyranny! Some studies say that Brussels makes up 65 to 85 percent of our laws. This is not a democracy! This is dictation and tyranny! Now, in our national parliament, in many cases, we just need to implement EU directives. Our voting power in EU institutions is around 2%. By joining the EU, we have lost almost all sovereignty and gained 2% of the voting power, we can influence the EU. This is not a good deal, this is not a good deal.

The European Union controls every area of ​​our lives and wants more and more power out of control. If we now want to change something and propose some laws in our Czech parliament, the government often replies that it can’t be done because it goes against EU regulations.

We want our country back! Czech citizens want to decide for themselves their country again. We don’t want foreigners, bureaucrats and European powers like Germany and France to rule us. I don’t want to be ruled by Angela Merkel, Emmanuel Macron, or Ursula von der Leyen. We want to decide our future in Czech elections, in the Czech parliament and in Czech referendums.

Our ancestors have worked and fought for over a thousand years to ensure that our nation was free and sovereign so that it could live its way of life. There is European citizenship on paper, but for me it is fake and empty. Like most citizens of European countries, I am loyal to my country, my patriot. The European Union is not my country and I am not loyal to it and I will never defend it because it is not my homeland.

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