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We were, and still are, intellectually affiliated with the Brotherhood

We were, and still are, intellectually affiliated with the Brotherhood

The head of the Hamas political bureau abroad, Khaled Meshaal, stressed that the Hamas project is for resistance and liberation, not for waging wars.

In an exclusive interview with Al Arabiya, he said, “We were and still belong ideologically to the Muslim Brotherhood, but we are an independent Palestinian movement.”

He also reminded that Hamas was previously present in various Arab countries, stressing that accepting support from any country, including Iran, does not come at the expense of the movement’s independent decision.

Tehran supports Hamas with weapons

Regarding Iranian support, the head of Hamas’ political bureau abroad confirmed that Tehran supported the movement with weapons and technical means.

On the other hand, Meshaal rejected any aggression against any Arab countries, especially Saudi Arabia, appealing to the Kingdom to restore relations with the movement as they were in the past, praising Saudi efforts to reach the Mecca Agreement in 2007. He added: Israel and other tools tried to overthrow the Mecca Agreement, not Hamas. Mecca made the movement at the head of a national unity government, so how can we turn against it?

Alive or just body parts?

Regarding the recent events in Jerusalem and Gaza, he said: The Palestinian resistance intervened after the Israeli police stormed Al-Aqsa Mosque and intervened in response to the calls of Jerusalemites.

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Regarding the prisoner exchange file, he said there is no tangible progress yet, refusing to reveal whether Hamas has living Israeli prisoners or just the remains of soldiers.

Regarding Hamas’ relationship with Syria, Meshaal denied any new developments in this field.