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We will be the target of US sanctions for a long time, Hawaii expects

We will be the target of US sanctions for a long time, Hawaii expects

Due to US sanctions, almost all new Hawaii phones have been offered in a disconnected version of the Android operating system since May last year. Due to the ban, these brands are not allowed to use some Google programs on their new devices.

For example, Google Maps, Gmail email client, YouTube player and Google Play App Store will not work. However, Huawei is replacing all the apps with the ones available through the App Gallery.

Chinese car manufacturers

The company has already finalized cooperation agreements with three Chinese carmakers who want to introduce models using Huawei technology, its employer said. The models should be made under brands owned by these car makers, but the “Hawaii Insight” logo should draw attention to Hawaii technology, the DPA wrote.

In February, Reuters cited its sources and said Hawaii plans to produce electric cars under its own brand. But the company has already denied it.

The administration of former US President Donald Trump put Hua on the black business list earlier last year. This limited the company’s access to key U.S. technologies, which had a significant impact on its operations in the mobile phones industry. According to its boss, Hawaii did not expect the administration of the new US President Joe Biden to blacklist the company.

Global chip shortage

The United States accuses Huawei of stealing technology and suspects Chinese government intelligence. But Hawaii has long refused to do so.