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We will become the world's first zero carbon center

We will become the world’s first zero carbon center

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The UK will become the world’s first zero carbon finance hub, UK Treasury President Rishi Sunak announced on Wednesday, meaning all UK financial institutions and listed companies will have to release their plans on how to switch to net zero from 2023.
“I announce today that the UK will make further progress and become the first zero-emission financial hub,” Sunak told COP26 reporters at the UN Climate Change Conference in Glasgow.
The UK president said the government would move towards forcing companies to release a clear, actionable plan outlining how to move carbonase and net zero emissions.
Sunak promised to fund $ 100 billion annually to reduce carbon emissions, and said more than $ 130 trillion in private capital would now be linked to the climate goals set out in the 2015 Paris Agreement.
He added: “Six years ago, Paris defined the necessary ambitions. Today we are providing the necessary investments to achieve this goal in Glasgow.”
According to Sunak, the money will make a “definite difference” in the lives of people around the world as it will be used to provide electricity to schools and hospitals in rural Africa or to produce cleaner and cheaper electricity to create better coastal protection to protect people from storms. .

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