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We will fast Ramadan twice this year

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Saudi astronomer Khaled Al-Zaqaq revealed that the world will fast the holy month of Ramadan twice during 2030.

Al-Zaqaq stated in a video clip, which he posted on his Twitter account, yesterday that the world will fast two Ramadans in one year in 2030, and this happens in the Gregorian year and not in the Hijri year.

He also indicated that this is repeated once every 33 years, as it happened in 1965 and 1997, it will happen in 2030, and it will be repeated in 2063.

He pointed out that in the year 1451 AH, Ramadan begins on January 5, 2030, and in the year 1452 AH begins on December 26, 2030, which means that we will fast 36 days in 2030, including 30 days for the year 1451 and 6 days for 1452, according to him.

He pointed out that Ramadan comes within the lunar year, which has a duration of 354 days, while the seasons follow the solar year system and its duration is 365 days, and the difference between them is 11 days.

He added that the holy month circles the four seasons once every 32 years, and in this year 1443 we will fast during the spring, 1449 in the height of winter, 1457 in the height of autumn, and 1466 in the height of heat.

It is noteworthy that the Saudi astronomer had indicated in a video published by the past few days, that we will fast Ramadan during the years between 1443 and 1446 AH in the spring, and during the years from 1447 to 1450 AH in the winter, then enter the fasting phase in the fall, and with the late fifties of the Hijri, fasting returns in the summer.

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He emphasized that the longest hours of fasting are during the height of the heat and the shortest during the height of winter.