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We will fight a decisive battle for the liberation of Libya

On Monday, the commander of the Libyan army, General Khalifa Haftar, announced that he was close to taking what he described as a decisive decision to determine the path towards “restoring the state”, quoting the Libyan “Al-Massar” TV.

Haftar threatened to wage a decisive battle to liberate the country, if peaceful efforts to expel foreign forces fail.

He said that experiences have proven that “any comprehensive solution or initiative will not succeed without the approval of the Libyan people.”

Abdul Hamid Al-Dabaiba

Haftar added: “Today we are approaching the decisive decision with a pure popular will to determine the path towards restoring the state. We will move in line with the will of the Libyan people, after all previous tracks brought us to a dead end and disappointing results.”

He stated that the General Command of the Army “urges the Libyan people to adhere to the right to self-determination and not to rely on foreign agendas,” accusing unnamed parties of seeking to “manage the crisis without solving it with the aim of prolonging its life with flimsy pretexts and suspicious initiatives.”

Haftar stressed the need to remove foreign forces from the country, warning that “if peaceful efforts fail, we will fight a decisive battle to liberate the country.”

The commander of the National Army considered that the Libyan scene is different from what it was before, pointing out that “it is witnessing a growing popular movement to bring about radical change,” according to the “Al-Massar” channel.

Disagreements widened and tensions increased between the conflicting political forces in Libya against the backdrop of the recent agreement signed by the Interim Government of National Unity headed by Abdul Hamid Al-Dabaiba With Turkey in the field of oil and gas exploration in the Mediterranean, which gives Ankara many privileges in the energy sector, and several regional and local powers, including Egypt, the leadership of the Libyan army and the Libyan parliament, objected to it.

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The land witnessed military movements and parades from both sides, as the Dabaiba government recently supported all security positions in the western and central regions, and its forces conducted maneuvers to raise their readiness and enhance their preparations, days after a military parade of the Libyan army forces in the city of Sabha in the south of the country, in the presence of General Haftar.