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"We will show our strength."  Britain will send a large naval ship to China

“We will show our strength.” Britain will send a large naval ship to China

“When our Career Strike Team (CSG) departs next month, it will hoist the British flag globally, demonstrate our influence, demonstrate our strength, demonstrate our ability to work with our friends and reaffirm our commitment to today’s and future security challenges,” he said. He said. On Monday. British Secretary of Defense Ben Wallace. According to him, the purpose of this event is to showcase Great Britain’s navy and air force and to emphasize that the United Kingdom has a key role to play in shaping the international organization of the 21st century. The country is also planning exercises with India, Japan and South Korea.

The strike team will be led by Queen Elizabeth of HMS, a 65,000-ton aircraft carrier, one of Britain’s two largest aircraft carriers and the largest warship ever sent to sea by the United Kingdom. The voyage will involve two destroyers, two anti-submarine warships, two submarine ships and a submarine. Stands In a ministry statement. Travels with a destroyer crew of the U.S. Navy, as well as a warship from the Netherlands, whose main mission is the Navy’s air defense.

RAF F-35B fighters and US Marine Corps F-35B aircraft will ensure air defense. As the American station writes CNN, When a similar group traveled during military exercises last year, it was “the largest concentration of Royal Navy fighters sent from an aircraft carrier since 1983.” The British Defense Ministry has said in the past that it is the largest air force of the fifth generation of fighters. Among other things, they are considered the most advanced fighters in the world. According to the International Agency for Strategic Studies, the British Strike Group is “the most efficient navy used by a single European navy in recent years.”

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In March, Britain conducted a major review of its security and foreign policy, and based on the results obtained, it determined that it wanted to strengthen its presence in the Indo-Pacific region over the coming decade. In a statement from the strike committee on Monday, the defense ministry said the deployment of the navy was aimed at the UK’s deeper security role in the region.

The aim of the British strike committee is to go to 40 countries. The team will travel approximately 48,280 kilometers across the Mediterranean and the Indian Ocean on its way to the Pacific Ocean. Britain has not yet announced the right path in the Indo-Pacific region. However, the planned visit to Singapore is expected to be a fictitious entry into the waters of the South China Sea, with the strike group likely to continue to Japan and South Korea. At the same time, China condemned the presence of foreign warships. The British delegation is expected to travel east of Taiwan, which China considers to be part of its territory as an autonomous island.