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We work closely and continuously with Egypt

We work closely and continuously with Egypt

According to The National, Britain hopes to forge closer working relations with Egypt as the host country for the upcoming COP27 summit.

Andrew Griffiths, the UK’s Business Secretary for Climate Action, said:

Griffiths said the talks have come a long way, but “there is still a lot to do”.

According to UN rules, the UK will retain responsibility for climate talks until the Egyptian government assumes the presidency next November and the United Arab Emirates takes over in November 2023.

COP26 UK President Alok Sharma said the UK would continue to press governments over the next 12 months to urgently reduce greenhouse gas emissions to control global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius.

The UK business community is disappointed with the COP26 negotiations, as the pledge to “phase out” coal has become a “phase out” of coal, and emissions pledges are not enough to meet the 2050 target.

Under the Glasgow Climate Agreement, countries are required to publish their climate action plans for the COP27 in Sharm el-Sheikh by the end of next year, with the most ambitious emissions-reduction targets for 2030.

It also called on developing countries to increase their spending on climate change beyond the current annual target of $ 100 billion.

Griffiths said one of the positives emerging from COP26 was the acceleration needed to achieve climate change goals due to the high presence of companies and financiers at the Glasgow Summit.

Sharma said the world in Glasgow has shown that countries can work together to build the framework for climate action, and that next year should focus on delivering on the promises made in the Scottish city.

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Chris Stark, chief executive of the Climate Change Commission, said that while the UK has a net zero strategy, the best thing the UK can do now is to “make real progress by reducing emissions” a signal to other countries. The world that can do it. “

At the Cop27 summit, Stark said he expects the “Club of Nations and Corporations to work now” to tackle the challenges of climate change “to continue our path towards Sharm el-Sheikh”.

“In my opinion, the model created in Glasgow is now more than just a set of national obligations, and it also has corporate obligations and financial obligations, and it shows the way to rapid progress,” he said.