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Weaknesses of Aries |  Madam Magazine

Weaknesses of Aries | Madam Magazine

Aries He is the first sign in the zodiac, constantly looking for dynamism, speed and competition, and always one of the first in everything thanks to his ruling planet Mars. It is characterized by many weaknesses that are closely related to the behavior that it performs towards others, as is the case with others will inform you of it as follows:

Weaknesses of Aries

Aries has a rebellious and independent personality

Aries works hard to get what they want, which makes them feel better than others, have more abilities and knowledge than them, and ignore their feelings. He is indifferent to the feelings of those around him, arguing that he has better skills. He is fully prepared to do anything to achieve his goals. Sometimes he thinks only of himself; So that he is interested in carrying out his tasks, achieving his dreams and goals more than anything else.

He aspires to always be the center of attention, wants to do everything better than others and complete his tasks before everyone else in order to get attention. He demands attention from others, likes to be the center of attention, and may get angry if his demands aren’t met. Follow more: The ruling planet of the woman is Aries


He is considered one of the people who get provoked very easily, and do not know how to deal with their anger. He gets angry right away when things don’t go the way he wants them to or when someone finds fault with his actions. He doesn’t know how to handle his anger well, nor control it. He wants everything to happen the moment he wants it, and he doesn’t even have a little patience.

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Likes to argue

He always likes to review his opinions and views on all things, tends to argue a lot, and does not give space to others to talk and does not listen to them, and this may alienate people and make them feel difficult to be with him. Follow more: Aries personality in love


Usually, he discovers that his decisions were not the best options before him, because of his rashness not to analyze other options, and to study the issue from its different angles. He is fully convinced that he is always right, and does not tolerate those who oppose it. His constant search for challenges and superiority without thinking about the consequences of things may cause him to harm himself and those close to him.

He acts recklessly without thinking about the consequences of his actions. His words can be sharp, hurtful, and sometimes out of tact. He behaves aggressively with those who try to challenge him and stand up to him, and he is very upset with him.


He has a rebellious and independent personality, and does not allow anyone to tell him how to do things. He refuses to ask for help or even receive it from his co-workers and those close to him, and prefers to work alone even if it requires him to make a lot of effort. He likes to impose his control over the woman he loves, to control her, her decisions, and the things she must do, but he does not mind her refusing to do so. He tends to the independent woman who can defend herself. He also feels resentment and intense anger over things that he cannot control or change, and he releases this anger on those close to him.

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