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"لابسين بدل خضراء".. عصابة من النساء يسرقن فتاتين في المترو "فيديو"

“Wearing green suits” .. a gang of women rob two girls in the metro

05:30 PM

Wednesday 05 October 2022

Books – Syed Metwally

A group of women attacked two 19-year-old girls, as police said the women stole cell phones, credit cards, wallets and other things.

A video clip, on social media, showed a group of women, about 6, wearing a green suit, attacking and robbing teenage girls in the New York subway in the United States of America, where they started a quarrel inside the train, to attack a passenger and repeatedly hit another in the face, according to the website. ndtv.

For her part, the mother of one of the victims called the group of women “the green goblin gang”, and said that her daughter and her friend were attacked by what she called “animals” and aliens. I hope that the thieves will get what they deserve because of what they did.

She added that her daughter is in international business at a college in Florida, has returned to visit family in Queens over the weekend, and is now having a chest X-ray and CT scan.

She stated that her daughter was seriously injured after 10 women hit her in the head, “She suffers from excruciating pain when she breathes. In one of the videos, you can see the girl kicking her and hanging her foot in the belt of my daughter’s bag, my daughter is very small,” the mother added.

Officials reported that the thieves had not yet been caught, and the mother said city and state officials should take the horrific incident seriously.

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