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Weather – Hail hurricane hits West Virginia in the United States; There are damages, details

Bad weather with winter weather

From the beginning of this week, the conditions Weather On our peninsula they seem unstable today, especially in the southern hemisphere The main islands, Heavy rains inland. This is thanks to the effects brought to the ground by the currents of the cool look Artica, This generally supported lowering the temperature to winter values After the last part of February.

In the evening there is still rain and snow at medium height in the south

If there are conditions yet Weather Thanks for an orgographic compulsion, In the evening the approach of minimal depression towards our peninsula will be conducive to further worsening of weather in the southern regions, with moderate rainfall which will also affect the interior of the opening, with snow up to 700/800 m. Possible rain in the western parts as well Sicily, Progress is expected in the central regions.

Violent hail hit West Virginia

Little to do, The United States There is no constant rest Bad weather It often has serious meanings. In fact, last week Three separate series of hurricanes hit Texas, then Alabama, and finally Mississippi, with one death.. However, the arrival of cold and unstable currents with the help of more atmospheric potential energy continues to be a serious event, with violent hail in the last hours. West Virginia, We will see in the next paragraph.

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