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Weather – Tornado train crashes in Alabama, USA; Serious damage, here are all the details

Evening in isolated bad weather company in the center-south

conditions Weather They will improve in the evening after a day within our peninsula Bad weather Internally it was intense and it led Name Descend to mountainous heights, especially in the central regions. However, a depressing cycle will continue, which will be conducive to continuous conditions of instability, leading to local rainfall in the central and southern regions. On the other hand, the north will still be dry.

Arctic bad weather on weekends, even snow at low altitudes

Cold and Name Affect at low altitudesItaly Next weekend as shown by the current modeling emissions of major computing centers. The continued arrival of currents from the northeast should trigger a disturbance from the North African fields, resulting in severe bad weather, especially in southern Sicily and the risk of mountainous snowfall on the central Adriatic side.. In this environment the temperature will continue to drop.

A series of hurricanes hit Alabama

Beyond what is happening on our peninsula, we are now shifting our focus to overseas, where there have been strong and significant conditions for several days Bad weather. In fact, in the last few days 8 hurricanes hit parts of Texas, causing extensive damage, but fortunately no injuries and no casualties. Today, in the neighboring stateAlabama, Has struck the same fate, as we shall see in the next paragraph.

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