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Weekly Horoscope: Bulls, Libra and Fish will be happily related

Weekly Horoscope: Bulls, Libra and Fish will be happily related

Every new moon is some kind of starting line and everything you say or do will soon produce tangible results, both good and bad, which is doubly true for this new one. Its ruler is Venus, which in Gemini will be curious, sincere and eloquent, and its aspects suggest that any The exchange of opinions does not end with a single exchange of words And that even a banal disagreement can escalate into stubborn hostility.

On the other hand, Taurus is the most diligent sign of the zodiac, and a new moon will happen in the star squad, giving you courage, determination, patience and showing you the direction so that you can finally pursue your dream or To fulfill an old wish. And it is worth closing your mouth with a lock, not wasting time and energy, and most importantly not ruining your nerves with quarrels, what do you think ?!

Aries (march 21 – april 20)

You have one of the most profitable weeks of the year. When you have it, you will start an event that will secure you not only financially, but perhaps also The next generation of your family. Not only the new moon in Taurus, but also Jupiter, which will enter your intuition sector and begin to act as a “guardian angel” on Thursday, May 13th, will help you lubricate your pocket properly. It will protect you from evil and deceitful people who will be rich in your business.

Taurus (april 21 – may 21)

Focus your personal life and work on what you have been “sinking your head into the sand” for a long time. With the help of Jupiter, you will be resilient and innovative, plus you will see others in your head. Thanks to this, you will orient yourself in every situation and actions and events will turn out better than you can imagine. Compared to the previous period, it will also be louder and funnier, and it will become the norm for you to invent How to entertain yourself, your family and your friends. Perhaps you will begin to organize all kinds of meetings, where there will be fun, high-quality food and drink.

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When inventing games, keep in mind that young children do not retain interest yet, so try to change activities often. Think of movement and foreplay as the stars call for

Gemini (may 22 – june 21)

You are a symbol of movement in the zodiac, but this time you will feel tired even after slight physical exertion, therefore Relaxation should become your daily ritual. You will be in great shape again for the second half of the week and have the saved energy at hand. Jupiter will take charge of your professional sector and general achievement and you will start to shine for better career times, it is expected that you will be more popular among public figures or artists, and entrepreneurs will not complain, as the planets propose interesting contracts.

Cancer (june 22 – july 22)

You will regain old friendshipsIf you do a business, your past contacts and social life really move. Starting Thursday, May 13th, freedom of expression will be very important to you, you will start to be honest like you have not done in a long time, but it will not hurt anything or anyone. You inspire some people with whom you finally say something mysterious from the past. Maybe you decide to go abroad or start studying, however you will do something that will help you to earn money for a comfortable life in the future.

Lev (23. 7.–22.8.)

it will be Decide your careerAnd, thus, financial prosperity, go into bosses’ hands and, if necessary, stay for extra time. Otherwise, someone less capable will “overtake” you in the company hierarchy, but will be in the right place at the right time. In the second half of the week, your calves will start to burn. If assigned, more than a “mysterious thrilling night” awaits you, but if you’re single, be careful, moderate, just take no chances. One-night love can end uncomfortably, for example with venereal diseases.

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Wanting to do things beyond their responsibilities, this can be an example saying when deciding on a promotion

Pana (23. 8. – 22. 9.)

Especially when you fall behind your classmates in some experience or knowledge, or are still putting off an academic degree, this period is ideal for you to correct it. You can complete your education Or register for the appropriate tests. You will not lose patience and what you embark on will continue. In the second half of the week, focus on unresolved conflicts. With the help of Jupiter, you can not only appease angry individuals, but you can also “solve” any conflict diplomatically and justly.

Gauges (September 23 – October 23)

It will be clarified what you have forgotten in the financial sphere. This may be a correction of your tax return or payment of arrears, but it is usually a trifle that it can cause They should not be stressed, let alone collapse, But now solved. If you are looking for a job, you will find it in the second half of the week. The employee is waiting for an unusual weekend, because your sign indicates a joint event or relaxation in a wellness center. Simply go somewhere with colleagues, relax and have a lot of fun, thanks to which the team will be reunited.

Scorpio (October 24 – November 22)

You will start a new chapter in personal or business relationships with Get rid of “leeches”. You renew contracts or verbal agreements only with people who have supported you in all circumstances in the past, and at the same time ignore individuals who have always been concerned only with their well-being, often at your expense, and forget that they exist at all. Pay attention if you are an artist and a creator. Jupiter will arrange an excellent period for you, as it will provide space for you to invest your talent, talents, or skill.

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According to the horoscope predictions, creative, artistically talented and original individuals will get the green light, and with a little famous luck, they will finally be dazzled by their deeds or skills.

Sagittarius (november 23 – december 21)

If you suffer from illness or your normal functioning has been hampered by the stress of spring, you will get back in shape slowly but surely. The unemployed will get a job and those who plan to change careers will finally find work according to their ideas, so they will quit their current job. If you are a big family and the apartment is already too small for you, nobody has a little privacy, you will start planning how It will solve the housing problem. Dissatisfaction with a lack of space will continue to grow, plus you will likely move into the house with you soon.

Capricorn (December 22 – January 20)

You devote more time to your hobby or activities that provide you relaxation, fun, or fun, and you will even make others laugh with a cool piece. impressive Romantic atmosphere reigns In your relationship, and if you are celibate, in the middle of the week it will be a thing of the past and you will be dating six hundred. On the weekends, intentionally talk with people who are always trying to be the smartest at any cost. You can completely confuse them, until you run out of words.

Aquarius (January 21 – February 20)

You will be extraordinarily active, handcrafted and family comfort will be your priority. If you need to move some of your furniture or furniture The apartment requires minor “aesthetic” modificationsYou can do everything yourself and even a professional designer will not be ashamed of the result. If you are looking for something new, feel free to buy it. From the trajectory of Jupiter, it is clear that the period when you will earn enough money begins, however, you will always have what you need for the next two months.

Pisces (21.2.- 20. 3.)

You will settle any disputes with your brothers, on the contrary, you will begin to treat your neighbors in a calculated manner, who disproportionately promote their interests at the expense of yours. The most important thing awaits you in the second half of the week. Jupiter, the planet of optimism, abundance and happiness, will enter your sign. Your life will start to be happier and hassle free. Anyway you are Check the weight regularlyThis is especially true for those born around February 20, because you will start to taste unusual, so there is a risk that if you don’t tame him, your weight will mainly increase in your hips and thighs.

Affirmations for this week: I’m not worried about new beginnings, because I only attract the best.