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Koronavirus a sport

Werner is counting on getting to the bottom. He got the clear approval of his wife

A number of snowboarders have generally successfully presented themselves in foreign versions of the competition. Does your career predetermine that you are the favorite?

I don’t feel favorable, but it is true that I recorded some kind of bullying from others at the first meeting, and it’s not fair that I have danced my whole life. (a smile) The music and the rhythm may be royal, but I definitely don’t dance on the dance floor. Sports gave me a lot, but one of the few things it took away from me was that I couldn’t go dancing. And it is true that I have a large fan base on social networks, but most of them do not live in the Czech Republic.

But ballet training was part of her figure skating training.

I am familiar with what dance is, and I know rhythms of waltz, fast step, samba and rumba. But I never dance them. Thanks to ballet training, it might be easier to get them to the ground, but I’ve been an individual athlete my whole life. She only had a few shows with Carolina Kostner and it looked like a cat with a mouse was dragging. Now I will hand over the male leadership of the couple and allow myself to be on the wheel.

It is said the production didn’t have to convince you to get involved for long …

My journey to StarDance was long. I wished so from the first part, I got an offer twice, but the competition ran parallel to my skiing career. And when I was done, I inconspicuously tried to remind Czech TV that I would have time and arrogantly thinking that an invitation would come immediately. But building a set of characters is chemistry and there isn’t always a place. When the invitation arrived last September, I still needed my residency in the Czech Republic resolved, but I definitely wanted to go for it, but it’s one of the most watched and noble TV shows for me.

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Just alone with snow? Not anymore, I miss what happens in the winter, admit the number one Czech player

What advice did you get from participants in the previous series?

Most of the time they said that if I thought I couldn’t do it in the middle, I would have to add. And that’s what athletes like David Svoboda, who won the Olympics in a combination of five disciplines, have told me. We’ve also warned about Marek Eben, who is an unrealistic and mythical character to me and perhaps the most educated and decent person on screen. At first, it looks like a project in progress, but when we get to the bottom it will be hard work. But I don’t mind the hard work and when I looked at the character set, I thought it would be a lot of fun.

So what do you promise to share?

I think I’ll be in great shape and lose weight. The name Tomáš Verner reminds us somewhat, because I was mentioned everywhere in terms of snowboarding, except perhaps on the street, where I was referred to as Lucie Vondráková’s ex-boyfriend. So I try to build a positive image of snowboarding and the projects we do in relation to children and movement. I don’t promise to win fame and another party-filled year, and I don’t know if I have time. I prefer directing her to ice skating, because it is a beautiful sport, and I would be happy when it is talked about and more kids on ice.

Last year you married your American partner, Tammy, and in the fall she gave birth to a son. Did your family agree to your time-consuming participation in the show?

The extended family was excited, she really provides texting credit. And in the immediate family, we had to discuss how we could handle it logistically and temporarily. And I know StarDance can be jealous of what it can do with people relationships. But I have a great wife and I got clear approval.

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Former tennis player Andrea Sestiny Hlavakova, with whom you ran a meeting of the Federation of National Olympic Committees, will also dance. Will it be prestigious among you?

We supervised that big social evening, but then nothing, so I don’t know if we were okay. (a smile) We are very good friends, so we had the pleasure to introduce ourselves together. We are athletes, we both want to go as far as we can, and we will definitely be top notch. Plus, we’re relatively new parents and struggle with something similar, the syndrome of an ex-athlete who already works and wants to exercise to keep in shape.

how are you?

Since everything was shut down by the virus, I didn’t find much time to work on myself, and I had a lot of fun family responsibilities. My perception of time has changed. When Tomík sleeps, I am glad that peace and quiet reigns and I can be on the sofa. And the idea of ​​running at eight in the evening and overcoming my laziness is far from me …

How do you customize StarDance training for your other activities?

My employer is Victoria VSC, formerly University Athletic Center, where I finished my first year as Head of Snowboarding Division. Before accepting the TV offer, I had to agree with the manager if we could find coordination to do my job. Thomas Werner Ski Academy is going through a difficult situation, we are coaching amateur athletes, so I hope we can work in the fall. I will try to delay the dance training until morning so that it does not interfere with anything.

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Have you left the training role yet?

I still help with coaching and counseling, but I am not in the role of a head coach to prepare a single athlete, this is a huge commitment.