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NA LEDĚ ovládl v roce 2008 celou Evropu, teď se bývalý krasobruslař Tomáš Verner chystá na taneční parket.

Werner looks to Star Dance. He says the family is already saving credit for sending SMS messages

He waited the third for five years. “I already thought maybe when StarDance is in 2043, I’ll be a retired I Skate judge, so I’ll be invited there as a variety of the show,” he said with a laugh.

That was last September. He nodded only after he managed to find time between appointing the head of the figure skating department at Victoria University, the Ministry of Education, the University Center for Youth and Sports, and working as a coach at his own academy and in the Czech Olympics committee.

He also resolved the situation with his loved ones. “My wife is American and I, despite my work in the Czech Republic, have my mentor Rafael Arutjungan in the US.” The father of his six-month-old son Tomik said, “When we found that we could deal with the matter in time, there was clear approval at home.”

They also discussed the issue of jealousy. “We know the participants of previous years and we know what StarDance can do with a relationship between two people. But I have a great wife who is self-sufficient, brave and beautiful.” He spared no use of superlatives for his wife’s title, former art figure skater Tami Sutanova. Werner laughed, laughing: “The extended family, mother, father and siblings were excited and they were actually providing credit for sending text messages.”

The drum never dances

What is known about the new system in which he will compete in the fall? “I have a basic awareness of what dancing is. Maybe I’ll be able to recognize the rhythms, although it’s not all, but I’ve never danced a waltz, a quick step, a samba, a rumba, or a chacho. The only thing the sport took from me is it.” Dance, and now give it back to me a thousand times, “one participant at three Olympiads admitted.

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It will depend on the dance partner. She will find out her name at the beginning of June, and joint training will begin in August. “I will drive. Hopefully there will be no collision. I’ve been a solo athlete all my life,” said Werner.

What does StarDance expect? “It will help me get fit, I will lose weight, I will learn something new and help me with my daily routine,” he said with a laugh. “He is encouraging snowboarding to attract more children to the ice,” he added. He is also looking forward to moderator Marek Eppen, with whom he was once a guest on the Na plovárně program. “I simply knew it at the time. I think in entertainment, it is the pure unicorn that defines what it should look like at the highest moral level,” said Werner.

Looking forward to a friend

At the competition, he will meet his dear friend, tennis player Andrea Sestiny Hlavakova. “We both suffer from something similar, which is a former athlete syndrome who is now a parent, working and wanting to get back in shape, but there’s not much room for that. I’m so happy that I’m going to have such a partner out there, and we’ll definitely be excited about whoever goes as far as possible. While I follow their social networks, they are in full training. “

Werner also intends to fight the condition. “I still feel, and sometimes look, like an athlete, but reality is a far cry from that. I don’t have any shape yet, my fitness has been closed and I don’t like running on concrete in Prague,” he explained that he would start working on it now.

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He knows very well from previous participants that StarDance is very physically demanding. “It was mostly on one remark: If you think it’s tall, it’ll be taller. In the middle you’ll think you can’t physically and mentally, but you have to add. That’s what the athletes told me, which scared me a little bit. Even David Svoboda, Olympic winner in five Specialties, he admitted it took him more than he thought.But I don’t mind the hard work and according to the character set, it would be so much fun, “He really wants to enjoy the Star Dance.