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Werner was banned from skating with dancing, and he will make up for it in Star Dance

Werner was banned from skating with dancing, and he will make up for it in Star Dance

Updates: 27.04.2021 13:34

Prague – Snowboarder Tomáš Verner deprived of a dance career and now the 2008 European Champion can make up for the traditional high school activity when he was 30 years old at StarDance TV … when the stars dance. After participating in it, he catches a sneak peek at the end of his career, but he didn’t see it until a few years later.

Before the year starting in the fall, he had already received an offer twice. He told reporters today, “I rejected it, but only for logistical reasons. The Star Dance season is running parallel to the ski season.” After the 2014 Olympic season, he ended his figure skating career and tried to explain to Czech TV that he would be available during various joint activities. Werner revealed, “I thought very well that in a year or two it could work, but there was no place. Putting together the group is a lot of chemistry. I really thought it wouldn’t work.”

But last September, he received an official invitation again, and this time he adjusted his work and his own activities so that he could manage the competition. The transition to music on ice was his daily bread, but on the dance floor he would be a newcomer to regular and Latin American dances. “The only thing sport took away from me was dancing. Because of figure skating, I couldn’t go dancing. Now sport brought me back a thousand times,” he looked forward to.

Parents and siblings were overjoyed as soon as they heard the news. “He’s already providing credit for sending text messages,” Werner recalled what was part of the applicant decision-making. He had to discuss the show in more detail with his wife, Tammy, with whom he had a seven-month-old son. Werner said, “We had to discuss the right place for this project at the right time. Then there was a clear agreement. My wife is self-sufficient, brave and beautiful. We know StarDance can make husbands busy in terms of jealousy.”

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The 34-year-old former art skater is head of the figure skating department at the Victoria University Sports Center. It has its own ski academy, which, like other centers for amateur athletes, has not opened for several months due to the Coronavirus. He should fully immerse himself in dance training as of mid-August. So far, he’s definitely not in perfect physical condition. “I still feel and look like an athlete from a certain angle, but the truth is far from being an athlete,” he admitted.

She is struggling with the closure of fitness and motivation centers. His work and parental responsibilities changed his daily rhythm. He said, “I’ll go jogging at 7:45, as soon as Tommy sleeps, that’s not all. When he sleeps, I’m quiet when I’m on the sofa.” But he looks forward to the exercises and discipline associated with dance training. Although former athletes described to him that it was more difficult than it seemed. It scared me a little. It’s a marathon, but I look forward to it. I miss routine and hard work in my life after my career. It gave me confidence and a foothold. I don’t mind it. Work. When I looked at the squad, I think it would be a lot of fun in addition to the hard work, Werner was looking forward to it.

He is glad that his friend, former tennis player Andrea Sestiny Hlavakova, was among the participants. “I think Aja is quite ready. I haven’t joined a full coaching team yet. Obviously we will be on top of whoever comes next. We are athletes, it can’t be missed.”

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Participating in StarDance as a great opportunity. “I think it will help me get fit. I will lose weight and it will help me with my daily routine. It is an opportunity to learn something new, and I have enjoyed it all my life,” he said. And by himself, he wants to make his snowboarding visible this way. “Everywhere I am seen as Tomas Werner – a snowboarder, that is, except for the tabloid diary, where Tomash Werner was – a former friend of Lucy Vondrachkova. Any interest focused on me is to focus on snowboarding,” he explained.

Kristi Yamaguchi, Meryl Davis, and Adam Ripon have won the US version of this TV show in the past. Werner was already a favorite of his colleagues. “As an athlete, of course, I have an ambition to win, but I also respect the rules. The significance of spectator decisions is somehow gaining popularity in StarDance. I have a fan base on social networks, but mainly from outside,” Werner said. How it turns out will be unveiled in the fall.

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