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Western countries ban China and Russia over human rights

AGI – The European Union, the United States and Canada have taken action against China. Many Chinese authorities were allowed to persecute Uyghur Muslims
In the Xinjiang region, and Beijing immediately responded with sanctions against a dozen European personalities, including five MEPs.

EU foreign ministers have approved the inclusion of four leaders and a company from China’s Xinjiang region in the list of sanctions for human rights abuses established in December 2020. The UK and Canada have taken the same steps as the EU. Instead, the United States allowed two of the four Chinese officials identified by the Europeans.

EU sanctions include travel bans in the EU and freezing of assets in the EU. According to Washington, US sanctions “meet” the EU and Canada.

Beijing responded by allowing ten European dignitaries to BrusselsFive members of the European Parliament have been accused of “seriously undermining China’s sovereignty and interests and spreading lies and misinformation.”

All four European bases are involved, including the Alliance of Democracies, a Danish organization led by former NATO secretary general Anders Fogh Rasmussen. Europeans and their families will be banned from staying in China, Hong Kong and Mecca.

Beijing also attacked the Political and Security Council (PSC), which unites the ambassadors of member states in Brussels to prepare sanctions.

“These sanctions are unacceptable,” said the head of European diplomacy Joseph Borel. “China has not responded to any concerns of the EU and is hiding its face,” he added. “These sanctions will have no effect on the EU’s decision to respond to all human rights abuses,” he said.

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The Hague summoned the Chinese ambassador to the Netherlands and protested against allowing one of his MEPs.

“It’s terrible, it’s a shock to see an authoritarian regime can attack an MP and his family in this way,” the Belgian MEP said. Samuel Cocolati. French M.E.P. Rafael Glaxman, Is involved in the protection of the Uyghurs because he was pleased with the decision of the Chinese authorities. He considered it his “honorable legion.”

EU relations with Russia are no better than relations with China. Foreign ministers have imposed sanctions on some Russian officials for torturing and repressing LGBT people and political opponents in Chechnya. President of the Council of Europe in view of the Summit of Heads of State and Government on Thursday and Friday, Charles Michael, Had a telephone conversation with the Russian President. She was far from friendly.

“Relations between the EU and Russia are at an all-time low,” said Michael, referring to the EU’s approach to five guiding principles based on the fundamental values ​​of the Union. Michael reiterated, “Currently there is disagreement in many areas.”

NATO Secretary General, Jens Stoltenberg, Which is even more serious: “Russia continues its behavior of internal repression, towards peaceful protesters, and aggression against foreign countries,” he said at a presentation of NATO foreign ministers tomorrow and Wednesday. “Of course President Putin is responsible for all the actions of the Russian government, and we have seen a pattern of aggressive behavior, including targeted attempts and assassinations of the enemy,” Stoltenberg added, embracing the US presidency. Joe Biden, Who called the Russian head of state a “killer.”

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