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Western reports reveal the scenario .. What after the postponement of the Libyan elections?

Western reports reveal the scenario .. What after the postponement of the Libyan elections?

The Italian agency “Nova” stated in a report that there is a tendency to appoint a new government to lead Libya The new election date is likely to be postponed to the end of January or February, and that Parliament may announce it next week.

The agency expected that US diplomacy would sponsor the former UN envoy, who was recently appointed by the UN Secretary-General as a special advisor to Libya, Stephanie Williams, mediating between all parties.

Williams will work to pave the way for a political agreement during the period in which the elections will be postponed; To prevent any political mess that affects the stability that the country has witnessed since the formation of the government Abdul Hamid Al-Dabaiba.

The European report also mentioned the recent events in the Libyan West after the militias took control of vital institutions there, describing the situation as “miserable”.

The report indicated that the situation in western Libya under the control of militias there would be an obstacle to the state institutions in Tripoli.

new plan for williams

Over the past week, Williams held meetings with all Libyan parties, amid news that these discussions came to lay down a road map for the period leading up to the elections.

Williams said that the Libyans have come a long way since the signing of the ceasefire agreement, pointing out that there is a lot of work to be done now, to build on those gains, the most important of which is the unification of the military institution.

In the same context, experts and members of the House of Representatives suggested the hypothesis of postponing the elections for a short period so that the commission can complete all the tasks that facilitate the electoral process, and immunize it from any judicial loopholes that might return the process to square zero.

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For her part, the media, Hurriya Bouyamamah, confirmed that the meetings of the international envoy all come to achieve one goal, which is to hold the elections according to the previously agreed timetable.

The Libyan media made it clear that the international envoy is not only seeking consensus and saving the current situation, but also seeking to emphasize the punishment of any faction or party that works to obstruct the electoral process.

Bouyamamah said that the current situation in Libya at the political level needs urgent intervention from international powers and the United Nations; To ensure the conduct of the electoral process, and also to ensure that there is no coup against democracy, in reference to the Brotherhood.

Post-postponement scenarios

Abd al-Salam Nassiyah, a member of the House of Representatives, says that the statements of the High National Elections Commission and the delay in announcing the final list of candidates constitute a major flaw in its work, and push for the postponement of the elections.

And he added in a post on his Facebook account: “If the head of the commission, Imad Al-Sayeh, is sure of the difficulty of holding the elections on time technically, he should speak about this openly, and not use vague phrases that contribute to increasing chaos and confusion, and do not allow appropriate measures to be taken to address the situation.” .

For his part, the Libyan political analyst, Ibrahim Al-Fitouri, said, “The elections were scheduled to be held next Friday, and until this moment, the presidential or parliamentary election lists have not been announced, certainly even if the commission did not announce its postponement. The exact date has become a mirage.”

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Al-Fitouri added, during his statements to “Sky News Arabia”, that he expects “the committee to confirm the postponement of the elections until further notice, so that it can complete the lists of the presidential and parliamentary elections, and avoid falling into the crisis of appeals and the unconstitutionality of the elections, something that may bring us back to square.” zero”.

The Libyan political analyst confirmed that the commission had to finish the preparations from last June, but the delay in the arrival of laws hindered the opening of the door for candidacy, which is what some political forces did to reach where we are now.

Al-Fitouri pointed out that the idea of ​​forming a government during this period is very likely, or granting the Dabaiba government confidence for a period of two months by the House of Representatives, so that work can proceed until the elections are held, as the outcomes of the Berlin Conference stipulated that the government’s work ends on December 24.