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What about an unusable electric car?  Ioniq 5 turns into an air purifier

What about an unusable electric car? Ioniq 5 turns into an air purifier

The test prototype of the Hyundai Ioniq 5 electric car, which will be waiting for disposal, has found unusual use.

The fate of test prototypes is usually not very pleasant. Although some special models are sometimes entered into collections or museums, most cars are destroyed during development, some are intended, for example, to teach students or train firefighters, and the rest are abolished, as they are not officially allowed on The Road .

However, Hyundai engineers decided to prove in one of the prototypes of the electric car Ioniq 5 that the electric car could have a variety of uses. Perhaps they were trying to provide a fresh perspective on the common question of what to do with electric cars at the end of their lives.


The discarded experimental electric car was first disassembled at the last bolt and then an unusual air purifier was made from its components. Plus, the automaker captured the entire process in a video dubbed “Rebirth.”

Of course the car is not Lego, so some parts of the car had to be modified with different tools, this is especially true of the body panels that now make up the cleaner cover. In the upper part there is a 20-inch aluminum alloy wheel, under which is hidden the electric vehicle ventilation system, which is able to effectively filter the air in the room.

In addition, the hood of the air purifier is decorated with repurposed LED-pixel taillights, which complement the interior screens of the infotainment system and the car manufacturer’s logo. In addition, the video beautifully shows how the cleaner was created and how it works with the help of digital effects.

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