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What are the developments in the health of the Egyptian artist, Sumaya Al-Alfi?

What are the developments in the health of the Egyptian artist, Sumaya Al-Alfi?

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The brother of the Egyptian artist, Sumaya Al-Alfi, announced that his sister had been discharged from the hospital after she underwent a tumor removal operation, stressing that her condition had become better.

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Al-Alfi said, in press statements, that his sister, Sumaya Al-Alfi, underwent an operation excision of a tumor in the area Al-Sadr is in a private hospital in Egypt, but her health condition has improved.

Al-Alfi said in previous statements that the doctors took a sample of the tumor that had been removed for analysis, noting that the results of the tests would appear within days.

The brother of the Egyptian actress pointed out that she I discovered this tumor By chance, when she was suffering from some fatigue, she had to undergo medical tests, which showed the presence of the tumor.

It is noteworthy that Somaya Al-Alfi appeared in the special screening of the movie “Ritsa” with her son, artist Ahmed El-Fishawy, and a large number of art stars.