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What are the effects of earwax accumulation?.. Hearing loss and imbalance are the most important.

A new study by audiologists at the University of Manchester in England sheds light on the difficulties faced by people with hearing loss. Ear waxAnd publish thisMedical Express“.

The findings are published in the British Journal of General Practice as many face the prospect of stopping an earwax removal service at an otolaryngologist’s office. A research team led by Professor Kevin Munro of the University of Manchester and the National Institute for Health and Care Research (NIHCR) says earwax should be removed in the UK.NIHRat the Manchester Biomedical Research Centre.BRC)

Earwax is a particular problem in care homes, affecting up to 44% of the dementia population.

The research team surveyed 500 adults who used earwax removal services NHS They found that the most common and worrisome symptom of blocked ears was hearing difficulty.

Earwax affects the ability to communicate with others, but also affects listening to television and noticing sounds in the environment.

Additional symptoms of earwax include discomfort and tinnitus.

Dr Kevin Munro, professor of acoustics at the University of Manchester, said if someone spent a few days walking on their fingers and plugging their ears to simulate the effect of infected wax, they would soon realize it was a serious problem.

There are many reasons why general practitioner surgeries stop offering earwax removal services. The traditional method of injecting the ear is no longer recommended, but there are new and safer ways to remove earwax from the ear.

There is also a misconception that using ear drops to soften the wax will be enough to solve the problem, but there is little evidence to support this claim, and once the wax has softened, it should be removed from the ear or vacuumed out. Can be done at home without experience.

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“Perhaps GP surgeries can collaborate as a network, as the portability of modern earwax removal equipment makes it suitable for moving to different locations.

Earwax is a natural substance that cleans, protects and maintains our ears. Movement of the jaw, as well as the skin lining the ear canal, causes the wax to travel to the entrance of the ear, where it is carried away by flakes or washing. Sometimes this doesn’t work, and the earwax is affected.