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What are the reasons that make people exchange kisses?

What are the reasons that make people exchange kisses?

  • William Park
  • BBC

picture released, Michel Bialozig

Kissing the lips is not practiced by all people as some people think, there are a variety of different ways in which people kiss each other, so how did this practice begin?

A study of 168 different cultures around the world indicated that less than half of all societies accept each other’s lips.

And William Jankowiak, professor of anthropology at the University of Nevada Las Vegas, found that only 46 percent use lip kissing in a romantic sense, apart from other things like parents kissing children or greeting.

Two theories about why humans need kissing stem from the idea that as children we have an innate desire to touch lips and feel things through our lips. In the first theory, we may associate lip touching with breastfeeding, and this is innate in every person.