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What can you find on an iPhone with a new system? Apple fundamentally improved تحسن

IOS 15
| picture: an Apple

Currently, iOS is only used by iPhones; For Apple tablets, the company has a version called iPadOS. You can talk about it Read more from colleagues at Technet. While last year’s release of iOS brought more fundamental changes (such as gadgets on home desktops), this year is more modest in terms of improvements and more focused on individual features.

First of all, Apple focused on improving FaceTime video calls, which now have a new interface, surround sound, or ambient noise suppression. A relatively big novelty is the ability to use FaceTime in a web browser, so you can use this service to connect to your iPhone from a computer or Android smartphone.

New is the focus function, which helps users to focus better. In practice, this works by selecting the activity you want to focus on when using the phone, and then the system mutes irrelevant notifications. For example, at work, you will only see work notifications or messages or only numbers assigned to work will be ringed.

The notification bar has undergone design changes, which should now be more visible. Other things include a smarter Do Not Disturb mode, which also alerts your iMessage contacts that they shouldn’t disturb you, or better recognize and convert text from images. Gallery is now more visible, with smarter searches and better editable memories.

The Wallet application will provide extended functionality, in which it is also possible to add several access cards, for example in a hotel. You’ll notice design changes in the Weather app, and maps have been improved, although they’re in areas other than ours.

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So far, only developers in beta can try the new update, the rest of the users it will be released in September. It will be installed on iPhone 6S/6S Plus and later.