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What did Biden say in the first comment on Musk's acquisition of Twitter?

What did Biden say in the first comment on Musk’s acquisition of Twitter?

. added Biden: “What worries us all now is the rise of Elon Musk By purchasing a tool that sends lies around the world. How do we expect children to be able to perceive risks?”

‘Twitter massacre’

The new owner of “Twitter” commented on the campaign of dismissals that he conducted after his acquisition of the company, and it sparked great controversy during the past few hours.

and started”TwitterFriday, a major layoffs campaign, in which I notified each employee individually via email whether he was staying or was leaving, and prevented employees from entering offices and on the site’s internal systems overnight.

The move comes after a week of chaos and uncertainty about the company’s future under Musk. richest person in the worldwho confirmed that the platform is witnessing a “massive decline in revenue” in light of advertisers withdrawing their funding.

In his latest tweet on Twitter, the American businessman justified the decision to lay off employees, revealing the benefits they received, saying:

In terms of reducing Twitter’s power, unfortunately there is no choice when the company loses more than $4 million a day.

Every person who was discharged from service was granted 3 months compensation, which is 50 percent more than the amount required by law.

  • The company has been silent about the scale of the layoffs, although internal plans seen by Reuters this week indicate that Musk is looking to lay off about 3,700 Twitter employees, about half of the company’s workforce, as he seeks to cut costs and impose new business rules.
  • “In an effort to put Twitter on the right track, we will go through a difficult process of reducing our workforce globally, Friday,” said a Thursday message seen by Reuters.
  • Musk has already fired senior employees of the company, such as its chief executive and senior executives in the financial and legal sectors, and others, including directors of advertising departments, have left. Marketing and Human Resources, the company over the past week.
  • They were employees who worked in the fields of Engineering Communications, product management, content management and machine learning ethics are among those affected by the layoffs, according to tweets from Twitter employees.
  • Some employees wrote in tweets that they had been denied access to the company’s electronic system, and expressed concern about whether this indicated that they were being laid off.
  • Twitter employees filed a class-action lawsuit against the company on Thursday, saying it was conducting mass layoffs without giving them the required 60 days notice, in violation of federal and state law. California.
  • The lawsuit asked the San Francisco federal court to issue an injunction preventing Twitter from requiring laid-off employees to sign documents without informing them of their legal status.
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