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What did Casemiro say in response to Mohamed Salah’s statements?

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Brazilian star Carlos Henrique Casemiro, Real Madrid midfielder, Casemiro, responded to the statements of the captain of the Pharaohs and Liverpool star Mohamed Salah, after the team qualified for the 2021/2022 Champions League final, stressing that everyone is free to choose what he wants.

Casemiro commented after the end of the dramatic Manchester City match yesterday, Wednesday, in statements to the Argentine “TNT” network: “It is clear that he wanted Real Madrid, unfortunately, who faced him in the 2018 final. For revenge, but every match has a story.”

He concluded: “Liverpool had some advantages in reaching this final, we have to respect them, we know that we have a great match ahead, but it will be very difficult.”

Casemiro also told the UEFA website: “Mohamed Salah wants to play us? Everyone can choose what he wants, maybe he wants to because of his previous injury in front of us (in the 2018 final)”.

He concluded: “It is a new final and another history that we have to write against an opponent we respect and know that it will be difficult.”

“Unbelievable, there is no better feeling, it can’t be explained,” Casemiro told Movistar plus.

He added: “We know that the most important thing is still missing (winning the title), but we have to enjoy the moment, we spent two years without the fans, we lost a lot of people and we have to enjoy it now with them, this final is for them.”

And he added: “I think this club will never give up, fight to the end, this is the great virtue of this team, Rodrygo is amazing, everyone should be congratulated.”

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And about Rimontada, he said: “This is Real Madrid, this is the key, the key phrase for this until the end, we must be satisfied and happy.”

He stressed, “We killed a great team with a great coach. Amazing, how they play football, this is for the fans more than anything else, we are enjoying ourselves now.”

He concluded regarding the final match: “Liverpool is complicated, we are the champions of the League, but this club always asks you to win.”

Liverpool and Real Madrid will meet in a new final on Saturday, May 28, at the “Stade de France” in the French capital, “Paris”.

Mohamed Salah went out after the match between Liverpool and Villarreal on Tuesday, and confirmed that he wanted to meet Real Madrid in the final, and even increased the matter through his accounts on social media, and wrote: “There is an account and it must be liquidated.”

Liverpool had faced Real Madrid in the Champions League final in the 2017/2018 season, but Mohamed Salah did not complete the match due to an early injury he suffered in the 25th minute after a strong friction with the former Real Madrid captain, Sergio Ramos, and the Egyptian international came out in tears.