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What do the stars watch in Ramadan?

What do the stars watch in Ramadan?

Nourhan Nabil

At a time when we can know the audience’s opinions on Ramadan works through viewership rates, or comments on episodes on social media, but we do not usually know what art people follow… especially those who do not participate in works that are currently being shown.. In the following lines we explore the opinions of a number of From the artists about their favorite works in Ramadan 2022..

The beginning was with Lebanese Dolly Shaheenwhich stated that she is watching only one Ramadan work, which is “The Choice 3”, which she described as “above wonderful”, and the performance of its stars, distinguished photography and professional directing is sufficient, but Dolly confirmed that after Ramadan, she will watch the series “The Great 6” by Ahmed Makki, and A “secret file” by Hani Salameh, and “Return to Yahwey” by Khaled Al-Nabawi.

Although the star is busy Ilham Shaheen Filming her scenes in the series “Baloo’ Al-Rouh”, however, she confirmed her follow-up to three series during the Ramadan drama season, and said: “The first (Faten Amal Harbi) to lead my friend Nelly Karim for his heroism and discussion of an important issue, and found the great writer Ibrahim Issa at the head of the work. The best Ramadan series this year.”

And Liqaa added: “The best picture I saw in Ramadan and the best direction was in the series (Ghamm Island), and there is also distinction in all the elements of the series (Al-Maddah) by Hamada Hilal.”As for Meet Sweden She expressed her happiness with this dramatic season, describing it as special, and said: “I watch 5 series, they are (Al-Makotoub Alia) by Akram Hosni, (The Returnees) by Amir Karara, (The Choice 3), (Al-Madah) by Hamada Hilal, and (Ghamm Island) by Tariq Lotfi .. But the best this year in terms of performance remains the star Yasser Jalal, followed by the rest of the (Choice) stars, and then Akram Hosni.

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Naglaa Badr She confirmed that she is watching 3 series in Ramadan: “Although I am busy filming my viewers in the series (Pablo), but I follow the series (The Choice 3) and (Al-Maktoub Alia) this is in addition to the episodes broadcast from (Pablo).”

“(Choice 3) and (Al-Maddah).” These were the choices of the singer Rana Samaha in Ramadan, as she described the first as a national work that the details of each episode cannot be forgotten, and the second is an interesting work that carries a lot of excitement and details.

As for the singer Haitham Saeed, he revealed his follow-up to two works, “The Choice 3” and “Al Kabeer 6”.

4 series that Olfat Omar follows in Ramadan, they are “The Choice 3”, “Faten Amal Harbi”, “The Great 6” and “Al Maktoob Alia”, and about the reasons for choosing these works, she said: “They are the most prominent works seen at the public level, but it is distinguished in The remarkable performance was Yasser Jalal in (The Choice) and Nelly Karim in (Faten Amal Harbi).. But this does not mean that I was also surprised by the smooth performance of Akram Hosni, and the distinguished appearance of the upcoming star with the strength of Rahma Ahmed, who we must thank Ahmed Makki for giving her the opportunity to appear in The championship is next to him.”

Singer Isaf revealed to us about the series he watches, saying: “3 series are (The Choice 3), (The Journey) by Muhammad Ramadan and (Repentance) by Amr Saad.. But (The Choice) remains on top, because it revealed to us political surprises in the history we lived in. But we did not know his scenes, in addition to the wonderful performance of his heroes and a distinctive image of his makers.”

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Singer Mina Atta revealed the works he follows in Ramadan, saying: “3 series, they are (The Choice 3), especially with the great brilliance of the star Yasser Jalal, and (Returnees) by Amir Karara and Amina Khalil, and (Al-Maktoub Alia) by Akram Hosni.

“The Choice 3” was also the choice of the singer Mohamed Kammah, who indicated that he also watches the comedy series “The Great 6”.

As for Dana Hamdan, she confirmed that she followed the series “Faten Amal Harbi” by Nelly Karim, because of her great admiration for the issues he discusses, and “The Big 6” by Ahmed Makki, and “Ghamm Island” by Tariq Lotfi and May Ezz El-Din.