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What do you know about Ramsay Hunt Syndrome after Justin Bieber's facial paralysis?

What do you know about Ramsay Hunt Syndrome after Justin Bieber’s facial paralysis?


The fans of the famous Canadian singer Justin Bieber were subjected to a strong shock, after he announced that he had paralysis in part of the face, as a result of his suffering from a rare disease, called “Ramsay Hunt Syndrome”.

The facial nerve is affected by Ramsay Hunt syndrome, an infection that causes a neurological disorder due to the varicella zoster virus, which affects certain nerves in the head area.

Ramsay Hunt syndrome occurs when the “Shingels” virus infects a facial nerve near the ear, and stops movement in half of the face, and Ramsay Hunt syndrome lasts on average about 3 weeks.

The virus is dormant in the nerves in some people who have had chickenpox, which can reactivate again after several years, and infect the facial nerve, causing Ramsay Hunt syndrome.

It is advised to avoid contact or close contact with people with this syndrome, such as newborns or pregnant women, even though Ramsay Hunt syndrome is not considered an infectious disease.

Justin Bieber, 28, said that he suffers from a rare disease called “Ramsay Hunt Syndrome”, which made him suffer from paralysis of half of the face.

Justin Bieber posted a video on the social networking site Instagram, in which he explained the nature of the disease he suffers, and said that he cannot move half of his face with Ramsay Down syndrome, in the inflammation of the nerve that afflicted him in the face.

He added, in the video on Instagram, “As you can see, this eye does not blink, I cannot smile on this side of my face, and therefore, there is complete paralysis on this side of the face.”

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Justin Bieber’s illness caused the cancellation of two concerts that were scheduled for the coming period in Toronto and Washington, in addition to other parties in Los Angeles and New York, where he indicated in the video clip on Instagram that he could barely move the second half of his face, and therefore, he could not continue to His artistic work at the present time, stressing that the disease that afflicted him is “somewhat serious.”

Justin Bieber has a wide following on his official Instagram page, with 240 million followers.