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بالبلدي: يعنى إيه حاجة أبل لتوحيد منافذ الشحن فى أجهزتها؟

What does Apple need to unify the charging ports in its devices? It is well known that Apple relies on more than one charging port in its various devices, which means that anyone who might own an iPhone and an iPad Pro, for example, in addition to an Apple Watch and a next-generation laptop with the new MagSafe connector, means that Need to use 4 different charging connectors, which makes the company need to unify the charging port between its devices.

Apple charging ports:

Apple relies mainly on the Lightning charging port, as this port is used in all iPhone phones, as well as some versions of the iPad, while it is not used in the iPad Air or Pro, and on the other hand, Apple uses the USB-C charging port in devices that need More power, which is the MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, iPad Air and iPad Pro, and its smart watch has been using a MagSafe charger dedicated to it since 2015, while a portable MagSafe charger for the iPhone is launched as well, which was one of the most important titles of the iPhone 12.

MagSafe is expected to arrive in the new MacBook Pro this year and the redesigned MacBook Air next year.

Unification of charging ports:

Apple has tried to unify charging technologies, by relying on AirPower wireless charging, which was supposed to support charging all devices at the same time, while USB-C is the most important charging port globally at the moment, and outperforms the Lightning port on which it depends. Apple since 2012, and the company has moved to use this port with MacBook and iPad versions.

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