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ماذا يعنى أن ترفع بريطانيا حالة الإنذار الأحمر بسبب الطقس؟.. اعرف التفاصيل

What does it mean for Britain to raise a red alert due to the weather? .. Know the details

Dr. Moghleb Al-Atili, a researcher at the Center for Environmental Studies at the University of London, said that there are several reasons that have accumulated until Europe reached the state it reached from the unprecedented heat wave that caused severe damage and losses.

He added, during a special coverage of Youm7 TV about the heat wave in Europe, that one of the main reasons for rising temperatures or climate change is the result of increased carbon emissions.

He added, that the temperatures recorded a record high that had not been previously recorded, even in Britain, a state of red alert was declared due to the harsh climate, which may be common or known to occur in the event of cold weather, but it was not expected to happen due to the high temperatures. which exceeded forty degrees.

Al-Atili continued, during the coverage prepared by Huda Abu Bakr, and presented by Raghda Bakr, that the rise in temperatures was preceded by a sufficient lack of rain, there was no fatal drought, but the matter increases the temperatures.

He added, British laws emphasize taking some precautions, as they reduced train speeds, working hours and other precautionary measures that slowed the economy.

He added about London’s losses from the heat wave, “What happened in London from rising temperatures led to many results, which accumulated leads to great results, for example, schools stopped and students stayed at home, therefore parents could not go to work, which affected productivity. and the economy.”