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What does it mean?.. “Highlights” is a new feature from Google for the Contacts app on Android

Google introduced a new feature for the application Contacts on Android It’s called Highlights, with this new feature, the app now gets a new Glance tab along with the already available Contacts and Fix & Manage tabs, and the new tab is available in the bottom bar. The feature is available to all Android users who They have the latest version of the Google Contacts app, this new feature makes it easy to find all your favorite contacts in one place and also see your recent searches.

The new Highlights tab was first spotted by 9to5Google, and it contains the latest Google contacts app has a new tab and we were able to see it on the Google Pixel 7, where the new tab appears between the “contacts” and “fix and manage” tabs, when you click on the “peeps” tabs, it opens a new tab where there are two sections, favorites and destinations connection, according to gadgets360.

Under the Favorites menu, users can add new contacts by clicking on the Add button located in the upper-right corner, however, Recent has two tabs, Recently Viewed and Recently Added, under the Favorites tab. View Recently, every contact you searched for appears with a display date, you can also clear the search history, meanwhile Recently Added shows a list of newly added contacts with dates.

Google also announced a new release schedule for Google Chrome updates including an “early stable” release, the early stable version of Google Chrome will release its latest version to select users a week before the fully stable launch, and Google Chrome update version 110 will be the first update to get On the ‘Early Stable’ release schedule that was recently rolled out, the search giant announced this new early stable release through a blog post.

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Google has confirmed that the upcoming Google Chrome 110 Beta will start rolling out on January 12, 2023, and the Google Chrome 110 Early Stable version will be made available on February 1, 2023, a week before its fully stable release on February 7, 2023.