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What does SpaceX's advanced collision avoidance system mean?

What does SpaceX’s advanced collision avoidance system mean?

Watch the next topic from Al-Jadeed Press .. What is the advanced SpaceX system to avoid collisions between satellites? And now to the details:

SpaceX says its Starlink satellites are not in danger of colliding with NASA missions, or other space objects because it has revealed it is building an advanced collision avoidance system, and NASA has raised concerns about the company’s ambitious proposal, founded by Elon Musk, to deploy 30,000 satellites as part of the second generation of orbital internet service.

According to the British newspaper, “Daily Mail”, SpaceX previously had a license for about 12,000 satellites, and so far it has launched 2,000, and wants to increase the number to improve coverage.

NASA said that providing orbit with too many satellites could affect science and human spaceflight missions, and warned that it could lead to a significant increase in collisions.

“Our satellites use multiple strategies to prevent debris generation in space,” SpaceX said in a statement, indicating that they will not collide with other objects.

The company says it is investing significant resources to make sure launch vehicles, spacecraft and satellites meet or exceed space safety regulations, and is developing the latest collision detection system to provide alerts.

SpaceX has faced criticism for its huge collection of satellites since it was first launched, especially from astronomers concerned about the effect of bright star clusters in low orbit on night-sky observations.

The update by SpaceX comes amid recent concerns raised by NASA about the impact of more Starlink satellites.

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What does the advanced spacex system mean?

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