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What happened to the girl who stormed the stadium for Ronaldo?

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A little girl stormed the field after the Ireland match against Portugal, last Thursday, because of her love for Portuguese footballer Cristiano Ronaldo, as the girl wanted to greet him despite the strict procedures on the field.

After the referee whistled at the end of the match, 11-year-old Addison Whelan rushed towards “Ronaldo”, to ask him to wear and take a souvenir photo while wearing it, according to the “Daily Star” website.

The Manchester United star hugged the girl, and indeed gave her the shirt, before security drove her away, and she was fined £2,500.

Speaking to the Irish radio station FM104, the girl says that she will be fined three thousand euros for her previous recklessness, she said, adding that it was fortunate for her that her father did not punish her or care about this matter, given his happiness with the shirt that his daughter got from Cristiano Ronaldo.

Addison explained how she entered the field during her meeting on RTE 1 Morning Ireland, noting: “I jumped over the barrier because I was in the second row. I jumped over the first row and over the barrier.. Then I ran quickly on the field, but there were security guards running behind me and there were two more coming from the other corner so I kept running.

Then I was just shouting Ronaldo’s name. He turned around and saw me and was asking them to leave me.”

The young girl remained in shock, as Ronaldo responded to her and ordered the guards to leave her, so she cried and asked him to give her his shirt, and she kept repeating, “Please.. Please.. I like you very much.”

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Indeed, the Manchester star responded to her, and gave her his shirt, and the girl tells: “When my father saw him taking off the shirt, he became in shock,” expressing her happiness at that time, saying: “Oh, my God, this is it, this is my dream, it has finally come true. This was probably the last time he played in Ireland.”