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What happens when a country hits its neighbor "by mistake"?

What happens when a country hits its neighbor “by mistake”?

She said PakistanOn Thursday, an unarmed Indian missile landed 124 km inside its territory on Wednesday.

and confessed India Friday, “in the presence of a technical defect that led to the accidental launch of a missile.” It is extremely rare for a missile test to go so wrong that it overshoots and inadvertently changes course.

Should India and Pakistan inform each other about such tests?

Yeah. Under the prior notification of the Ballistic Missile Test Agreement signed in 2005, each country must provide the other with advance notice of the flight test it intends to conduct for any ballistic missile launched on land or at sea.

Before the test, the country must issue an Air Mission Notice or a Navigational Warning to alert flight pilots and sailors, respectively, according to the India Express.

The test country must also ensure that the launch site is not within 40 kilometers, and that the planned area of ​​impact is not within 75 kilometers of the international border.

The test country must notify the other country “at least three days before the start of a 5-day launch window during which it intends to conduct flight tests of any land or sea-based ballistic missile launched.”

Prior notification must be sent “through the relevant Foreign Offices and High Commissions, in accordance with the form attached to this Agreement.”

The Director General of Inter-Services Public Relations of the Pakistani Armed Forces, Major General Babar Iftikhar, said that there was “no contact” between the Directors General of Military Operations of the Indian and Pakistani armies: “In this matter, nothing has come from the Indian side.”

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