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What if time stops... Is there a possible scenario for this to happen?  |  the world

What if time stops… Is there a possible scenario for this to happen? | the world

Time is more than just keeping track of and reading something on the clock. It’s a feeling we have in our heads and bodies, and it transcends into the natural rhythms of the world.

Oftentimes we want to freeze time and prevent it from passing or continuing to progress, perhaps we want that happy moment that we share with a departed lover to last forever, perhaps we do not want to grow too old, or perhaps we want our children to stay with us and prevent them from leaving us and living far away . But is such a thing possible?

physical impossibility

Daniel Parker, science writer for Futurism (futurism) “For those dreamers who envision a future in which humans can stop time, it will never happen. Stopping time is not a technical problem, it is a physical impossibility.” We know that the car is moving because at two different times it is in two different places.

“Motion changes with respect to time, so time itself is not moving,” says Sean Carroll, a theoretical physicist at Caltech. In other words, if time stops, all movement will stop as well.

And because everything in the universe is in a state of motion relative to everything else, the Earth revolves around the sun, and we are in a state of continuous motion with it, and the sun in the arm of the Milky Way revolves around the center of the galaxy, which revolves and moves through space as well, so there is no room for it to stop time.

Stopping time is also not possible without breaking the laws of physics What is the show? (whatifshow), speed equals distance divided by time, and time equals distance divided by speed. To make time equal to zero, you have to travel faster than the speed of light, which is impossible.

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what is the time?

Adam Mann, a journalist specializing in astronomy and physics, says: Article – Commodity On Live Science, answering the question of whether time can stop requires a deep dive into the farthest corners of physics, philosophy, and human cognition.

First we have to define time, which Carroll says is just a designation for different parts of the universe. It shows us something is actually happening. And time is more than just keeping track of and reading something on the clock. It’s a feeling we have in our heads and bodies, and it transcends into the natural rhythms of the world.

Carroll adds that many physics equations do not distinguish very much between past, present and future. According to Einstein’s theory, time and space are intertwined in a larger concept known as spacetime that underpins the universe.

Relativity has also shown that time can become variable depending on the speed at which a person moves relative to another person. If you send a person a clock in a spacecraft at a speed close to the speed of light, time will appear to pass more slowly to him than to a stationary friend he left on Earth.

However, this is no way to stop time. Two clocks may differ in relativity, but each will still record the usual passage of time within its reference frame. “You won’t notice anything different if you look at your wristwatch, and it will go by at a speed of one second per second,” says Carroll.

If time stops people will stop moving, water will stop flowing and our planet will stop spinning (pixels)

What would the world look like without time?

Although physics prevents us from creating a world in which time does not move, we can use physics to imagine what that world would be like, which will partially answer why time can almost never stop.

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If time stops, people will stop moving, water will stop flowing and our planet will stop spinning. Each molecule will remain constant. Everything is going to sleep, you won’t even know that time has stopped, because your neurons won’t move either.

But suppose for a moment, according to whatifshow, that you achieve the impossible and have a device designed to freeze time for everything but you, life will not be what you expect. And you won’t be completely happy, time freeze comes with very unpleasant side effects.

You will be blind and deaf and unable to move a single muscle. You will not see anything. Because stopping time would stop photons, particles of light that naturally move at the speed of light.

You also won’t hear anything because the sound waves will stop traveling through the air to the eardrum. You will be trapped among the frozen particles around you, and you will not be able to lift your finger. It will only get worse once you realize that you can’t push the oxygen molecules down into your lungs. So now you are blind, deaf, suffocating, and about to pass out.

The science fiction movie “Clock Standers” is an American comedy film produced in 2002 (social networking sites)

Possibility to stop time

There may be some ways in which you can theoretically stop time, but almost all of them have drawbacks. The most appropriate way to do this might be to change your definition of time itself, or freeze the universe, planet or locality you inhabit. The problem is that you will probably kill everyone.

If you do the opposite too, and instead of freezing everything you speed up everything, as was done in the science fiction movie Clockstoppers – a 2002 American comedy – then time will move very slowly.

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However, molecular motion and heat are related. If your molecules were to move very quickly, the heat would also be very high, and it is difficult to predict how this would affect your perception of things.

Another way to stop time is to put whatever you want to stop near a black hole, or take a beautiful photo of a moment you love.

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