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Fake from mid-April to mid-September.  The children go to school - with a cotton cloth in hand - Diary n

What is bothering the castle office? In what role does Hamek fly to Russia? – Diary n

I have noticed how drastically their structure has changed since I started writing notes last year. In the first part I always tried to focus on the serious news and in the end he gave some nonsense, weirdness or nonsense. But I can not choose the way events happen, so ridiculous, bizarre and nonsense things got in the beginning of the notes.

How else to call the presidency who sent a letter to the UEFA Football Association. In it, he defends the Courtley footballers and criticizes the association for the punishment he inflicted on the footballer for racist insults. Can you imagine another country where the president writes through his president the leadership of the European football tournament? A colleague reminds me aptly Prokop Vodrika, I Letter to the Department of Friends of Slavia, The fans, therefore, are more compliant than the castle letter. The absurdity of the whole process arises even more remarkably when we realize what the causes and events are for the castle to remain silent.

For example, they are silent on Russian provocations on the border with Ukraine or the imprisonment of opposition leader Navalny. And he will not reprimand Interior and Foreign Minister John Hamek, who is going to Moscow to apply for the Spotnik vaccine. He could not have chosen a better ally than former Speaker of the Slovak Parliament Andrzej Donek, who will try to withdraw the vaccine after Slovakia has to send it back. As local President Susannah Sabudov pointed out today, this may be for a different reason than what former Prime Minister Madovich said.

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Hamek leaves for Moscow after a few days in office. After he fired Foreign Minister Dombe Bette. Well, things happen to us quickly. Where there is an option, there is a way. The path to a Russian vaccine that has not yet been approved by the European Pharmaceuticals Company goes through many individual gymnastics. Hamek will not be foreign minister forever. He will take care of the matter. As announced by Hrat today, President Zeman will appoint Humayun’s current deputy, Gulhanek, to the post on Wednesday.

As Homeg put it, Dome Pettick recalled clarifying social democracy. Now it is understandable: there is no doubt that the Czech Republic is moving east. Although Prime Minister Andrzej Babik has refused to go to Russia to resolve the CSSD leader Dukovani, according to experts, this is beyond question. “There is no quality in Hamik’s trip to Moscow. After all, it is not clear what activity he is doing. iRozhlas told the serverHe’s flying to Russia as the ‘first deputy prime minister’, but it is noteworthy that he will do so in a short period of time in the few days he will be the authorized minister for foreign affairs, ”writes his colleague John Molek.

Hamek’s trip to Russia is also part of today’s studio.

While the controversy between Russia and Ukraine is gradually re-emerging in the headlines, one could say that a long war is over. But the reality is often, like reality, tragic. Twenty years later, Western powers are leaving the war in Afghanistan, but the conflict is not over. This is the longest war waged by the United States. Even players who were not born at the time it exploded were involved. Western powers will leave the country on September 11 as a sign. The most important thing about conflict was written by my colleague John Wirnitzer.

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What happened next?

The coalition has called on Prime Minister Andrzej Bobby to allow the Chamber of Deputies to vote on his confidence in the government. It happened two days after the Communists said they would no longer tolerate the government. When a dishonest party like KSČM walks away from you and tells you that it has “lost hope”, it may be time to think. However, the Prime Minister does not seem to have time to think about everything. He therefore cleared the opposition’s proposal from the table, saying there was no reason for such a referendum. And the castle? He declined to comment on the impending government crisis. He may have his hands full to write a statement about football.

In 1984, with a quarter delay, Wonder Woman came to Czech domestic theaters. The film is generally considered bad. “It would be a mistake to accept the majority opinion without reservation. Wonder Woman may have gone a little too far, but in many ways this is an inspiring vision,” Martin Svoboda writes in the review.

In the United States, a meticulous investigation into the murder of African-American George Floyd, a police officer accused of murder, has been under surveillance for three weeks. The forensic pathologist selected by the defense party said the circumstances of Floyd’s death were not clear because his death may have been caused by drugs or secondhand smoke. Sue refused to testify.

What awaits you in tomorrow’s newspaper?

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So tomorrow he will have something to choose from. Adam Heckle wishes you a pleasant evening, for example, Diary n.