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What is going on in Afghanistan?  Changes in the Taliban government and a Chinese visit

What is going on in Afghanistan? Changes in the Taliban government and a Chinese visit

announced Taliban Appointing Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar as prime minister instead of Mullah Hassan Akhund, who is said to be one of the movement’s most hard-line leaders, andSirajuddin Haqqani Acting Minister of Interior in addition to the position of First Deputy Prime Minister.

On the other hand, other government ministers will remain in their positions temporarily, until an agreement is reached on appointing new ministers.

It is noteworthy that in conjunction with the announcement of the changes arrived Chinese Foreign MinisterWang Yi, on Thursday, to the Afghan capital, Kabul, on a visit that is the first since the Taliban seized power last August.

“The Chinese Foreign Minister has arrived in Kabul to meet officials from the Islamic Emirate,” that is, from the Taliban regime, government official Ahmed Yasir said on his official Twitter account.

Kandahar meeting

These government changes also came after a two-day meeting in the southern city of Kandahar; Which highlights that the conflict within the Taliban movement is raging between two groups, the first is the traditional conservative group closed in on itself, and the second is a conservative group as well, but it wants to open up to the West and learn from the lessons and experiences of the past, according to what the Washington-based political analyst Ziad Sankari explains.

Sankari adds to “Sky News Arabia”, that all this comes amid “frightening and exciting” reports about the living situation in the country, specifically the stifling economic crisis, while an international conference will be held to help the Afghan people, and the main problem is that the West has reached a conviction that the Taliban movement She returned to her old, hard-line ways, and the decision to close girls’ schools supports this expectation.

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The political analyst points out that what happened now with the appointment of the son-in-law of the founder of the Taliban and the actual leader of the movement, Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar, to the position of prime minister aims to extract international recognition of the rule of the Taliban, but everyone knows that to obtain this recognition, the movement must take steps on the ground to convince the world that it has changed. However, recent consultations in Kandahar, which ordered the Taliban to close girls’ schools hours after they reopened, do not indicate that things are on the way to any improvement.

For his part, the researcher specializing in political science, Mustafa Salah, told “Sky News Arabia” that the changes in the Taliban government may be a re-arrangement of the Afghan political system so that the movement appears in a new dress that gives it a margin for the movement internally and externally.

The movement can also diversify its choices from outside the movement in order to achieve internal stability that transcends the crisis of its internal legitimacy that is challenged by organizations and movements that demand it to include minorities and women.